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ADA Turn Knob Set for 1 Inch door, fits General & Knickerbocker

ADA Turn Knob Set for 1 Inch door, fits General & Knickerbocker
Sku: TP 237
Price: $6.27
ADA compliant replacement concealed latch cover knob set.
  • Material: chrome plated Zamak (pot metal)
  • Spinner knob (male side)
  • Dia
  • Outside rim: 1-5/8"
  • Inside rim: 1-11/32"
  • Knob
  • Width: 1/2"
  • Height off face of plate: 5/8"
  • There are two posts extending out of the inside face of the turn
  • knob, which snap into two holes on the escutcheon plate.
  • Middle post
  • Dia: 13/32"
  • Length, from inside face of turn knob: 1"
  • NOTE: there are two horizontal grooves near the top of each
  • side of this post which receive a 'C' clip that is on the
  • escutcheon plate
  • Outer post
  • Dia: 5/32"
  • There is a nipple on the end of the outer post.
  • Length of nipple: 3/16"
  • Length of post, from inside face of turn knob, including
  • the nipple: 29/32"
  • Escutcheon plate (female side)
  • Dia
  • Outside rim: 19/32"
  • Inside rim: 1-11/32"
  • There are two holes which receive two posts that are on the turn
  • knob.
  • Middle hole
  • Dia: 13/32"
  • Depth: 5/16"
  • Outside hole
  • Dia: 7/32"
  • Depth: 5/16"
  • NOTE: there is a 1/2" wide x 1" long x 9/32" high 'island' in the middle of the escutcheon plate that houses the above two holes. This island has a 1/16" horizontal groove running its parimeter, 1/16" from the top. A 1/16" steel 'C' clip fits in this groove and runs the length of the whole island on both sides. The groove and clip are designed so that the 'C' clip is exposed 1/1" inside of the larger, middle hole on both sides. The middle post of the turn knob (male side) has a 1/16" groove running the parimeter of its tip. The exposed 'C' clip on the escutcheon plate snaps into the groove on the male tip. This holds the two pieces together.
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