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Tack Boards

Tack boards from us are from the finest US manufacturers, and are an essential tool for organizing your thoughts and creating visual demonstrations, accommodating instruction in any kind of classroom or work space. We offer the best fabric covered tack boards that blend stylish design with contemporary colors and fabrics, ideal for use in the office, reception area, boardroom, or classroom.

We Offer a Range Of Tack Boards, Cork Boards, and Vinyl Boards for Sale, Including Numerous Surface and Trim Options

We offer a wide range of product lines and are proud to offer a complete line of tack boards in a number of materials and trims.

These tack boards are ideal for classroom, office, and hallway. Stain-resistant vinyl boards wipe clean easily and maintain a clean, woven look. Natural Cork and superior performing Plas-Cork (color impregnated) tack boards provide both economical and versatile performance and recycled rubber is the longest-lasting tackable surface available today.

Trim selections for tack boards, cork boards, and vinyl boards include anodized aluminum trim, furniture quality red oak, or fabric-wrapped unframed options, enhancing the appeal to interior designers.

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