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Manufactured by CLAIRE MFG

Claire Sana-Wipes, hand sanitizer wipes, 70 wipes per container, 6 tubs per case

Claire Sana-Wipes, hand sanitizer wipes, 70 wipes per container, 6 tubs per case

Manufacturer Part Number: CL973
Sku: CLR-00006
Price: $55.59/Case

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Claire's Hand Sanitizer Wipes rely on a powerful formula to eliminate several disease causing germs and bacteria from skin including Pseudomonas Cepacia, Staphlococcus Aureus, Salmonella Choleraesus and Escherichia Coli. Acting within seconds, this effective sanitizing formula kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria on skin. Sanitizer towels are made from a non-abrasive fabric that is gentle to the skin. They're ideal when soap and water or foam sanitizers are not available. Each towel is fortified with emollients and natural oils to prevent hand chapping. Claire's Hand Sanitizer Wipes never let microbes get out of hand. They're a fast, convenient, and effective single-step alternative to traditional, runny hand sanitizing alcohol gels. Claire Wipes eliminate germs and bacteria, sanitize and condition the skin, and have a Fresh Wintergreen Fragrance. The EPA recommends products with the Influenza A label claim. Effective against the H1N1 virus strain which causes Swine Flu. 6 inch x 8 inch wipes, 70 wipes per tub, and 6 tubs per case.
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