Nail Glides

Nail Glides for Facility Chairs from Shiffler Equipment

Simple and effective, nail glides are quick to insert and offer years of floor protection. Tubular nail glides may not have a nail per say, but cling to the foot of your wooden chair as if it were one. With easy install and years of smooth floor gliding, your chairs need a button glide for everyday functionality. Whether you choose a steel based nail glide, nylon, or felt to replace your existing floor protector, your floors will be protected and your furniture will have refreshed longevity with this simple addition.

Fortunately, at Shiffler Equipment, we offer an expansive catalog that features diverse solutions for protecting the floors of your business from all sorts of harm. Facilities managers for educational institutions are sure to find the heavy-duty surface protection they need to keep all eyes on the front of the class.

Find Floor Protection Materials for Your Facility at Shiffler Equipment

For more than 40 years, Shiffler Equipment Sales has been the leading manufacturer and distributor of durable and affordable floor protections, such as furniture and chair slides. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality and widest selection of glides and floor protection products.

In addition to stocking millions of slides, caps, and casters, we carry a line of easy-to-use slide and caster installation and removal tools. Our high-quality products and competitive pricing makes us the perfect partner that you can rely on, so whether you repair and replace, you can relax, because we have what you need!

Keep your floors free from scratches, skids, marks, spills, and other damage with our diverse line of protection solutions. To find the perfect floor and surface guards for your school, reach out to our team today.