Locker Parts

Locker Parts and Accessories

From locker handles and springs, to locks and number plates, Shiffler offers a large variety of locker parts and accessories. Whether you are looking to repair a locker or need to upgrade your school lockers, we have a one-stop-shop for all of those unique locker replacement parts. 

Should I repair or replace my locker?

Even the smallest parts on a locker can be replaced, saving you from hiring costly repair teams or even replacing entire locker units. With our large variety of school locker hooks in different brands and styles, you are sure to find the locker hook for your school or facility. Whether its a single or double prong locker hook, a spring for your locker latch, or even a locker latch clip, our selection of hooks and hardware for lockers is unbeatable.

What locker parts will fix school lockers?

Finding the correct school locker part is no easy feat! Nevertheless, you have a well-informed staff on your side at Shiffler to help identify the brand, model, and precise replacement locker part to help get your school lockers up and running again.