Restroom Products and Parts for Facilities

Shiffler Equipment Sales offers a full line of restroom partitions, bath accessories, hardware, tools, and plumbing parts.  We represent all types of partition materials from the leading manufacturers.  From powder coated steel to solid color phenolic products, we are able to supply and match any materials for new and existing installations.  We also stock thousands of bath accessories, hardware components & fasteners, and plumbing parts to make easy work of all projects.  Don't forget that we offer full design management and project financing.  From Accurate to Zurn, we have you covered!  

We represent the leading partition, accessory, and hardware manufacturers including:  Accurate, AAMCO, Ampco, ASI, Bemis, Bobrick, Fiat, General, Global, Hadrian, Knickerbocker, Koala, Metpar, Mills, Palmer Fixture, PSISC, Rubbermaid, Sanymetal, Scranton Products, Sloan, XL Dryer, Zurn

Leverage 40+ years of restroom partition, parts & accessories, and installation experience.  From manufacturer identification and stocked part / hardware fulfillment to layout and design consulting to turnkey installations, we are your one stop shop.

Our high quality products and competitive pricing make us the perfect partner that you can rely on.  Whether you repair or replace, relax we have what you need!