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Ultra Dog
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Door Safety from Shiffler Equipment

Entryway safety bars and door lockdown devices help add another level of reassurance that your facility is better protected against unwanted intrusion. Looking for other safety and security products? Check out our full line of locks, hallway gates, signage, security mirrors, and more. Even if your existing doors are not designed to be true security doors, a simple door security device can help upgrade it in seconds.
We offer a variety of door safety products to fit any application from schools and classrooms to churches and retail stores. Now more than ever, classroom door safety devices are an essential part of each classroom and every entry door. Both school and work safety devices ensure the right people are kept inside the room or building while keeping the wrong ones out.

What is the Best Mechanism for Door Home Security?

Whether you are looking to bolster your at-home security systems with a more local mechanism or need a more robust type of security devices at your business, Shiffler offers several styles of door security devices that are easy to use and offer ideal protection. Exclusive to Shiffler, the Ultra Dog door security line has a quick release function allowing the person on the inside of the door to push down remove it in a snap.

Our Security Latch branded items have the addition of a cable lock for added security. The holster-style mechanism functions best with double entry doors or even two sliding glass doors. It works as a door jammer and will not allow an intruder to open either of the two doors. 

Shiffler Equipment's Door Security and Security System Devices

Security systems for home or business use often come with a large price tag. Whether you need security devices for your sliding doors, swinging doors, or even entry doors, Shiffler offers a perfect alternative to a fancy home security system - our security door devices! Available for a variety of door styles, including commercial doors or school doors both with and without mullions, you are sure to find security devices that relieve the stress of a potential break-in.