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6"x 24" EPDM Rubber swing seat with Steel insert; Black

6"x 24" EPDM Rubber swing seat with Steel insert; Black

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Get your playground ready for summer, and save money! This LATEX-FREE rubber EPDM, vandal resistant, playground swing seat is perfect for your outdoor playground needs and will not cause allergic reactions to rubber sensitive kids. This latex-free playground swing seat is 24" long by 6" wide and is a robust 5/16" thick. What makes this playground swing seat vandal resistant? Each seat has a heavy-duty, steel metal strip molded into the seat, running length-wise, from edge-to-edge. This means even if the seat is cut, the playground swing seat remains intact. The insert has a bent edge to prevent injury if the seat is cut. Each seat is features a galvanized steel triangle hanger at each end, making this seat one of the most vandal resistant seats on the market. Won't fade or weather, looks great for years. Carton contains 15 seats. Jensen playground swing seats are available in black, blue, red, yellow, tan & green.
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