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12 inch x 58 inch, Baked enamel panel With hardware

12"x 58" TP Replacement Panel, Powder Coat Steel with all Mounting Hardware and Instructions

Manufacturer SKU:BEPN-12
Price: $87.81
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12 inch x 58 inch TP panel, powder coat steel with hardware and all mounting instructions. Powder coated steel toilet partitions have become the standard for durable quality at an affordable price. The finish is resistant to wear, fading and scuffing. It is easily cleaned with a mild soap solution and wiped dry. The hybrid epoxy/polyester powder is electrostatically applied for uniform thickness over cold-rolled commercial quality (CRCQ) galvannealed, stretcher-leveled steel. The core is made of cellular honeycomb for solid construction and sound attenuation. It is bonded to the formed steel with a non-toxic adhesive and locked in place with a roll formed molding and brazed corners. The perfect panel for quick replacement of existing, damaged, rusted restroom partition panels.
  • General description: 12" x 58" Baked enamel restroom partition panel
  • Brand: Accurate Partitions
  • Weight and freight class: 19 lbs, ships UPS, FOB Lyons, IL 60534.
  • Larger quantities ship via truck.
  • Note: Before placing your order, visit the 'Delivery and Payment
  • Terms' section of our 'Customer Service' page, paragraphs
  • 'Returns and Order Cancellations' and 'Tips for Receiving
  • your order'
  • Application: This size is considered a filler panel,
  • normally used in conjunction with a pilaster between
  • the pilaster and the wall and is more economical than
  • using one large pilaster.
  • General lead time: 3-4 weeks for standard colors.
  • Call ahead for lead time during summer months and for
  • special colors, as it may increase.
  • Warranty: Accurate Partitions guarantees it's powder coated
  • steel partitions, properly maintained, against chipping, flaking,
  • cracking or discoloration, for 3 years from the date of receipt
  • by the customer. If material is found defective during that
  • period, the material shall be replaced free of charge.
  • No credits or allowances shall be issued for any labor or
  • expenses relating to the replacement of components covered
  • under the warranty plan. This warranty shall not be applicable
  • if vandalism or improper cleaning/maintenance of partitions
  • has contributed as just cause for partition failure.
  • Construction features:
  • - Brazed/welded corners
  • - Honeycomb core, deadens sound and provides impact protection
  • - Tamper resistant fasteners
  • Material: 22 gauge galvannealed steel bonded to a
  • sound deadening honeycomb core
  • Finish: Epoxy/polyester powder, electro statically applied,
  • fuse bonded and radiantly baked onto the steel
  • Overall dimensions
  • Width: 11-1/2"
  • Height: 58"
  • Thickness: 1"
  • Style: Round edges
  • Hardware provided: Mounting brackets and Torx headed fasteners
  • are provided. What is sent depends on what the panel is
  • mounting to on each end, and this must be specified by the
  • customer. Normally, U-brackets are used to connect a panel
  • at a 'T' to a pilaster, Alcove clips are used to connect a panel
  • and pilaster that are inline with each other, 2-Ear brackets
  • are used to connect inside panels to the wall, and 1-Ear brackets
  • are used to connect pilasters and outside panels to the wall.
  • - Style: Single high
  • - Material: Chrome plated zamak
  • Things to specify when ordering:
  • - Color
  • - Placement of the panel (ie., mounting between the wall
  • and a pilaster (in-line with the pilaster). This tells
  • the manufacturer what hardware and fasteners to provide.
  • - If mounting to a wall on one end, specify wall material,
  • both surface and under surface if applicable. This tells
  • the manufacturer what fasteners to provide
  • Feel free to visit to view color charts,
  • options and features, material descriptions and specifications,
  • care and maintenance and more.
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