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Ultra Dog Classroom Lockdown Device with quick release mechanism. Features exterior access for first responders. Left hand.

Ultra Dog Classroom Lockdown Device with quick release mechanism. Features exterior access for first responders. Left hand.

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The Shiffler Lockdown Door Security Device - With All Must-Have Design Requirements for Safe and Secure Lockdown Devices.
Installable Where Needed
Just as a fire extinguisher is installed near the area of anticipated need, Shiffler Lockdown Device is installed next to the exit it is in-tended to lockdown.
Minimal Training Required
Virtually no special training is required to use the Shiffler Lockdown Device to lockdown the classroom. Place the hooks on the door knob and lower the handle. Door is secure and NO NEED TO OPEN CLASSROOM DOOR TO ENGAGE THE SHIFFLER LOCKDOWN DEVICE.
No Tripping Hazard
When the Shiffler Lockdown Device is unlocked it swings out of the way on the tether. This eliminates any tripping hazard during an emergency evacuation scenario.
Compatible With ANY Door Configurations
Shiffler Lockdown Device has several configurations that accommodate in-swing, out-swing, double door with mullion, and double door without mullion. Cafeteria, library, gym doors - no problem
Easy Emergency Exit
Press the handle down and the device unlocks and swings out of the way. It does not inhibit emergency exit of the room in case of fire or other emergency situation.
Emergency Entry Enabled
If emergency entry from outside the locked down room is required, the Shiffler Lockdown Device is designed to allow emergency responders to unlock the device from outside the door with a special key.
Shiffler Equipment Sales spent two years working with the Ohio Board of Building Standards to understand the safety and security needs of Ohio school districts. We are pleased that our device is fully compliant with the latest Ohio building standards authorizing the use of lockdown devices. Building, safety and fire codes differ from state to state, we encourage you to review your local building, safety and fire codes regarding lockdown devices before you order the product.
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