Shiffler Ultra Dog Door Security Bar for Single Outswing Commercial Door with 5-3/4" Jamb - fits 42"W Door



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The Ultra Dog Door Security Bar is a simple, affordable, non-electric, mechanical commercial door security barricade that works! It is the first security product that can eliminate the elephant chains and padlocks and the liability that goes with them! This door barricade solves rolling blackout security issues when used with magnetic locking devices. Adds up to 10,000 pounds of physical deterrence to your existing door and hardware in the after-hours environment. Guarantees secondary egress to firefighters and allows immediate egress with minimum effort and no prior training. The Ultra Dog Door Security Bar has been tested and used as a layered device by the DOD and NRC. Protects against hinge cuts and lock cutting charges. Fire Marshall approved in most states.
The AD100 series Ultra Dog latch is designed for commercial, outswing doors. The Ultra Dog Door Security Bar opens at the push of the bar FROM THE INSIDE. Includes installation instructions, attachment blocks, hardware, storage hanger kit and door label.

In order to determine what unit to order, you'll need the following dimensions:
* Frame Opening Width (defines bar lengths)
* Face-to-Face dimension (the distance from the face of the door to the face of the jamb).

You'll also need to select the correct Jamb Kit for the larger jamb sizes. The perfect commercial door security latch. Visit us at our website and YouTube for the How to Measure for Ultra Dog video.

General description : Ultra-Dog for a 42" wide, single, commercial
outswing door
Weight : 11.4 lbs, ships via UPS
Warranty : Five (5) years from original purchase
Main support pieces, rods, storage hook
and mounting brackets : Steel
Block and handle supports : High impact plastic
Rod cushions : Rubber
Finish : Black
Dia : 1" Round
Inside length : 32-1/4"
Support bar (connects handle, locking rods and blocks)
Tubing size : 1" square
Length between blocks : 41-1/2"
Dia : 3/8"
Length, from face of support bar to inside of 90o bend : 6"
Height of hook : 1-5/8"
Hook to hook OC : 33-5/8"
There is a rubber tip on the end of each hook
Outside dia : 1/2"
Height : 1-9/16"
Thickness of rubber : 3/64"
Height, at highest point : 4-9/16"
Length : 6-1/2"
Width : 1-1/8"
There is a bolt that runs through the center of each block,
which is used to shorten and lengthen the distance from
the front face of the block from the main support bar,
allowing the Ultra-Dot to fit a range of mullion depths.
Holding brackets - triangular shape, mount to the face of the door
Qty provided : 2 each
Material thickness : 1/8"
Height of back portion : 2-3/4"
Inside width : 1"
Inside depth : 1-1/16"
Dia of holding rod : 3/8"
Mounting holes
Qty : 2
Dia : 11/32"
Hole to hole OC : 1-7/8"
Storage J-hook
Material thickness : 5/64"
Width : 1"
Outside height : 2-1/32"
Inside depth : 1/2"
Mounting holes
Qty : 2
Dia : 13/64" (between 3/16" and 7/32")
Hole to hole OC : 1/2"
Mounting hardware (included)
- 4 Each 5/16-18 x 2-1/4" Large head carriage bolt
- 4 Each 5/16-18 Hex nut with 1/2" drive
- 4 Each Flat washers, 7/8" OD, 13/32" ID, 3/32" thick
- 2 Each #10 x 3/4" Hex washer head thread forming screw
with 5/16" drive
Also included :
- 2 Each Self adhesive felt pads for the end of the block
3/4" wide x 4" long x 1/32" thick, black
- 'Ultra-Dog Protected' self-adhesive sign, 2-3/8" x 3-1/4" Oval
- Installation instructions and adjustment procedures,
in English, Spanish and French