UNISEX Restroom Sign, White Background with Blue Triangle. 8 in. Triangle on a 12 in. Circle

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8 inch Triangle on a 12 inch Circle Unisex/All Gender/Gender Neutral Restroom Sign, White Background with Blue Triangle, Man/Woman Graphic. California Title compliant.

Introducing our Unisex Restroom Sign, an essential addition for facilities committed to inclusivity and accessibility. At Shiffler Equipment Sales, we recognize the importance of clear restroom signage in creating an environment that welcomes everyone. Our sign boasts a straightforward design with a white background, a prominent blue triangle, and a 12-inch circle, ensuring easy recognition and understanding. Moreover, it adheres to relevant standards, making it a reliable choice for facilities striving to comply with accessibility guidelines. Whether in workplaces, educational institutions, or public facilities, our Unisex Restroom Sign serves as a clear and compliant marker that promotes inclusivity and ensures everyone feels respected.

Our Unisex Restroom Sign is more than just signage; it's a statement of your commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. By providing clear and compliant restroom signage, you actively promote an environment where everyone can navigate facilities with ease and comfort. Elevate your restroom accessibility and prioritize inclusivity by choosing our Unisex Restroom Sign - a clear, inclusive, and compliant solution that guides visitors to a welcoming restroom environment. Explore our catalog and improve restroom accessibility with our Unisex Restroom Sign today.

Clear and Informative Unisex Restroom Sign - White Background with Blue Triangle

Our unisex restroom sign with a white background and blue triangle offers clear visibility and compliance. Measuring 8 inches on each side of the triangle within a 12-inch circle, this sign ensures everyone can easily locate the restroom. Discover an effective wayfinding solution today!

Welcome to Shiffler Equip, your trusted source for top-quality signage solutions. Introducing our Unisex Restroom Sign featuring a crisp white background and a prominent blue triangle. Designed to enhance wayfinding and ensure compliance with restroom identification standards, this sign combines clarity, visibility, and modern aesthetics.

Key Features:

Clear Visibility: Our Unisex Restroom Sign employs high-contrast colors and a bold design, guaranteeing clear visibility even from a distance. This ensures that individuals can easily spot the restroom entrance, reducing confusion and enhancing the overall user experience.

Universal Symbolism: The blue triangle, universally recognized as a symbol for restroom facilities, is prominently displayed on our sign. This instant recognition helps individuals of all backgrounds locate the restroom quickly and effortlessly.

Optimal Size: Measuring 8 inches on each side of the triangle and enclosed within a 12-inch circle, our sign provides an optimal size that's easily noticeable without overwhelming the surrounding environment.

Durable Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, our Unisex Restroom Sign is built to withstand various indoor conditions. The high-quality materials ensure the sign remains vibrant and intact for extended periods.

Installation Guide:

Choose the desired location for your restroom sign, ensuring it's easily visible and accessible.
Clean the installation surface to remove any dust or debris.
Peel off the backing from the sign to reveal the adhesive side.
Carefully align the sign and apply it to the chosen surface, pressing firmly to ensure secure adhesion.
Allow the adhesive to set as per the manufacturer's instructions before regular use.

Why Choose Our Unisex Restroom Sign:

At Shiffler Equip, we understand the importance of clear and effective signage in various environments. Our Unisex Restroom Sign is a result of meticulous design and attention to detail, offering an optimal solution for your wayfinding needs. Enhance the navigational experience of visitors, employees, and guests while maintaining compliance with restroom identification standards.

Elevate your facility's wayfinding capabilities with our Unisex Restroom Sign featuring a white background and a distinct blue triangle. Offering clear visibility, universal recognition, and durable construction, this sign is an essential addition to any space. Order now to ensure effortless restroom location and contribute to a more user-friendly environment.