Floor Protection -950

For more than 40 years, Shiffler Equipment Sales has been the leading manufacturer and distributor of Furniture Glides and Chair Glides.  We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality and widest selection of glides and floor protection products.  We service customers ranging from the average home owner and hobbyist to the education, industrial, manufacturer, hospitality, institutional, medical, and commercial corporate buyer.  

We offer a complete line of Glide Caps, Leveler Glides, Nail Glides, Sliders, Non-Swivel Glides, Table Tips, Sled Base Glides, Solo Glides, Swivel Glides, Gripper Pads, Casters, Mats / Floor Covering, as well as our patented Snap-Cap Glides.  In addition to stocking millions of glides, caps, and casters, we carry a line of easy to use glide and caster installation and removal tools.

Leverage 40+ years of glide, caster, cap, glide tool, and installation experience. 

Our high quality products and competitive pricing makes us the perfect partner that you can rely on.  Whether you repair, replace, relax we have what you need!