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If you’re looking for market-leading school lockers, including steel lockers and security lockers, we are the locker supplier you need.

High-Quality Lockers, Parts and Accessories

We are a leading supplier of metal lockers and school lockers, offering complete lockers, body components, door-and-frame assemblies, hardware, accessories, trim, fasteners, and tools, including a wide product line of modern locker systems. Our economical and affordable lockers are suitable for a range of applications.

With 40+ years of locker experience, we represents the leading manufacturers, including ASI, Debourgh, Hadrian, Hallowell lockers, List, Lyon, Penco Products, Republic Storage, Scranton, and Worley. Our skilled professionals are trained to tackle any security locker project and support your routine school or gym locker maintenance repairs. Our team of skilled installers are available to handle any your project installation requirements. We offer design consulting, turnkey installation, and project financing.

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