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Easy Roll Sports First Aid Station

Easy Roll Sports First Aid Station
Sku: LIF-31550
Price: $450.15

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MobileAid Multi-function Sports First Aid Station. Extensive next-generation 262-piece mobile sports first aid kit that meet the National Center for Sports Safety standards; can be wheeled directly to any medical emergency on the field, track, or court. This compact mobile station is organized in quick-response first aid modules for rapid response and treatment of an injured player. Extensive First Aid supplies are designed to effectively treat traumatic injuries and include a flexible evacuation stretcher. Unique dual wheel design aides in rapid response and makes climbing curbs and stairs easy. An integrated seat and gear platform allow patient to sit and be treated or can be used to haul additional equipment (e.g. AED, oxygen tank, etc.). High visibility markings, flashing LED wheels, and an 8-foot extendable flag make the mobile station easy to spot in any situation. Super-durable, light-weight frame construction (supports up to 300 lbs.) and heavy-duty weather resistant bag safeguard contents. Telescoping handle retracts for compact storage in less than 2 cubic feet (12.25 x 18.5 x 14.0). Superior mobility, organization, and supplies make this next-generation trauma first aid station the perfect replacement for heavy trauma backpacks and duffel bags or stationary wall-mounted first aid kits. Special Features include Compact/Comprehensive First Aid Station. 262-piece first aid station that meets OSHA guidelines and ANSI standards; includes flexible evacuation stretcher; stores in 2 cubic feet, Quick-access organization extensive first aid supplies organized in quick-response modules for fast access and effective treatment, Easy-roll transport, dual 4 polyurethane wheels aid in rapid-response and climb stairs or curbs with little effort, Seating and gear platform allows for patient to be seated while being treated or to aid in the transport of additional medical equipment (e.g. AED, oxygen tank, etc.), Easy identification, high visibility markings, 8-foot extendable flag, and flashing (red/blue) LED wheels and Durable protection for supplies, Super-durable, light-weight frame construction (supports up to 300 lbs.) and heavy-duty weather resistant bag safeguard contents. Contains (1) First Aid guide book, (1) Writing tablet, (1) Pen, (1) Flexible emergency evacuation stretcher, (1) Scissor utility shears 7-1/4, (1) CPR filter-shield adult/child, (1) Instruction and inventory sheet, (1) Waterproof document pouch, (1) First Aid flag and pole (extendable), (2) Face mask with eye-shield, (2) Vinyl gloves (pairs), (2) Protective gown, (2) Disposable incident blanket, (2) Splint board with pad (medium 12 x 6), (1) First Aid instruction chart, (1) Bandage scissors 5-1/2, (1) Splinter forceps 4-1/2, (1) Kelley forceps 5-1/2, (1) Flashlight (penlight), (1) Hand sanitizer (4 oz), (1) Sunblock SPF 30+(4 oz), (1) Insect repellant (2 oz), (2) Emergency blankets, (2) Vinyl gloves (pairs), (4) AA batteries, (10) Instant towels in a tube, (12) Bio-hazard bag, (25) Aspirin (2 5-grain tablets), (1) Hydrogen peroxide solution (4oz spray), (2) Sting & bite swab, (2) Eye wash 1 oz. sterile, (3) Vinyl Gloves (pairs), (3) Emergency water pouches (4oz), (4) Hydrocortisone 1% 1/8oz foil pack, (6) Burn gel - 1/8 oz foil pack, (10) First Aid cream 1 gm foil pack, (10) PVP iodine swabs 1/2cc each, (10) Wound cleaner towelette, (12) Cotton tip applicator 3, (1) Compress bandage 4 with telfa pad, (1) Blood-stopper bandage, (1) Triangular bandage 40 x 40 x 56 w/ safety pins, (1) Waterproof adhesive tape 1 x 5 yards, (2) Waterproof adhesive tape 1/2 x 5 yards, (2) 2 x 6 gauze bandage, (2) Co-Flex bandage 2 x 5 yards, (4) Eye pads with adhesive strips, (6) Non-adherent pad 2 x 3, (6) Gauze clean-wrap bandage 2, (8) Gauze pads 3 x 3 12 ply, (10) Plastic 2 x 3 patch bandage, (10) Woven knuckle bandage, (16) Bandage strip 1 x 3, (16) Butterfly closure (medium), (2) ABD combine pad 5 x 9, (3) Cloth tape 1-1/2 x 10 yards, (2) Cold pack unit 5 x 6, (2) Elastic gauze bandage, (1) Elastic rolled gauze 2 sterile, (2) Elastic bandage 2 x 4.5 yards, (2) Elastic bandage 4 x 4.5 yards, (10) Sam finger splints 3-3/4 x 1-3/4, (3) Emergency water pouches (4oz), (4) Cold pack unit 5 x 6. Dimensions and weight, external dimensions (including wheels) 12.25W x 18.5H x 14D, external dimensions (excluding wheels) 10W x 18.5H x 14D, internal dimensions 8.5W x 15.5H x 12D, access door dimensions 8W x 13H, handle extension 38, and product weight 27 lbs.
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