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Lockers and Locker Door Parts for Schools, Hospitals, and More

Many organizations require secure, stable, and reliable lockers for providing their employees, guests, and clients with storage solutions. Moreover, as the years go by, many find it to be more economical and more efficient to replace key locker parts like replacement locker doors, rather than the complete sets themselves.

In school settings, they provide a convenient place for students to stow personal items. In hospitals or other medical facilities, this equipment offers doctors a secure option for storing their belongings, such as a clean change of clothing. Furthermore, organizations such as gyms, community centers, and public pools often rely on storage to serve their patrons.

Whatever the case may be, choosing the right containers and parts can make all the difference. Fortunately, at Shiffler Equipment, we offer high-quality products that are ideal for use by schools, universities, hospitals, and even stadiums.

Complete Locker Sets and Locker Hardware

We offer a wide variety of complete locker sets, perfect for any institution or business. Our sets include a number of different features and are available in a variety of colors to match your specific needs.

In addition, if you only need to replace one or two parts on your current storage sets, we also have you covered. We carry an extensive selection of hardware, including hinges, locker latches, replacement locker doors, and more, so you can find exactly what your organization needs.

By sourcing and securing critical locker doors, hinges, locker number plates, and locker latches, you can ensure that your team is ready whenever equipment needs to be given a little attention. We carry all the popular brands having the parts of a door, as well as the parts of the door locks.  Proactive maintenance is a simple way to prolong the life of your storage and reduce downtime that could impact your customer or guest experience.

Locks and Lock Bars for Locker Doors

We also boast a diverse selection of locks, and lock bars for the locker doors, that fit the needs and budgets of any type of business or institution. We offer keyed padlocks, combination locks, and even a combination of the two for improved accessibility!

Additionally, our lock bars are made of heavy-duty steel to ensure that your belongings remain safe and secure. They come in a variety of finishes to match your existing hardware, and are designed with sturdy locker hinges to endure frequent use.

Locker Doors

Locker doors are an essential component of any locker system, providing security and protection for personal belongings. They come in a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and wood, and can be customized to fit the specific needs of the user. Locker doors can be equipped with a variety of features, including combination locks, key locks, or digital locks, to ensure that the contents of the locker are secure. They can also be designed to be ventilated, providing air circulation to prevent musty odors from accumulating inside. Locker doors are an integral part of locker systems, providing safe and secure storage for personal belongings in a variety of settings, including schools, gyms, and offices.

Locker Repair Tools and Other Locker Parts

In addition to complete sets and hardware, we also carry a variety of locker repair tools and other vital locker components. Important tools and parts include replacement latch assemblies, coil springs, locker doors, and hi-torque ratchets, among other equipment that keep your storage in optimal shape.

The Most Trusted Brands in Locker Products

When sourcing reliable equipment for your workplace, facility, or organization, it’s vital that your time isn’t wasted. To facilitate an easy procurement process, we’ve consolidated the trusted names all in one place by carrying all the major manufacturers, such as:

  • ASI
  • Hadrian
  • Hallowell
  • List
  • Lyon
  • Penco
  • Republic Storage
  • Scranton Products
  • and more!

That way, our expansive catalog simplifies your experience. Further, it empowers you to secure the best solution for the specific needs of your business.

School Locker Accessories

School locker accessories are a great way to personalize and organize lockers, making them a functional and fun space for students to store their belongings. There are many different types of accessories available, including locker shelves, magnetic organizers, mirror kits, and locker lights. These items not only help to keep lockers neat and organized, but they can also add some personality to an otherwise bland space. Locker accessories can also help students stay on top of their homework and keep track of important dates and assignments. With a wide variety of options available, students can create a locker space that is both practical and reflective of their unique style.

Secure the Best Lockers and Parts at Shiffler Equipment

Shiffler Equipment has decades of experience providing reliable school locker locks, handles, and other parts to our customers across North America. One secret that we learned is that maintaining a safe and secure storage system holds the key to success.

A well-maintained repository works properly, lasts longer, and causes fewer headaches for everyone.  Fortunately, at Shiffler Equipment, we stock thousands of locker handles, parts, and components under one roof. 

In fact, we have been supplying, repairing, and installing this type of storage equipment for nearly 40 years, so no matter what your needs may be, Shiffler Equipment is here to help. For more information on installing, upgrading, or maintaining your lockers and locker parts, contact our team today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have Durable Locker Lock Bars?

Yes, all of our lockers have durable lock bars and locker handles. We use only the best locker hardware, so the lock bars are strong and ready for anything. 

What Are Lockers?

Lockers are often small cabinets that store personal belongings. They're generally found in workplaces, schools, transportation stations, and changing rooms. Typically, the locker hardware includes a locking mechanism to offer more security.

Why Should You Have Lockers at School or Work?

The primary reason for having lockers installed on school premises is to offer students a space to store study materials and personal belongings. Children don't want to carry all of their books, coats, and lunch boxes with them all the time.

We offer a complete line of school locker options and locker parts, such as locker locks, locker hooks, and other locker hardware products.

Are Zephyr Locks the Best?

There are many benefits of using Zephyr locks on school property or in workplaces. 

Typically, Zephyr locks are easy to use, durable, and cost-effective. Some products even feature supervisory key control to override the user's combination. This works well after the school year when you want to reset the combinations!

Can We Get Master Lock Products?

Yes! We offer Master Lock products, and many people feel that they are the top choice. The padlock eye is easy to grip and features a traditional spinning design. Plus, they come in various colors. Check the color charts available in each section to learn more.

What Brands Do You Have?

We offer these brands:

  • Zephyr
  • Worley
  • Whitney Brothers
  • Tennsco Corp
  • Republic Steel lockers andstorage systems
  • Penco lockers
  • Master Lock
  • Medart, Inc.
  • Lyon
  • Interior Steel
  • Hallowell
  • Diversified Woodcrafts
  • Debourgh Mfg.
  • Digilock Ada locker locks
  • Bobrick Washroom
  • Aurora Steel
  • All Steel
  • ASI Storage

What Locker Parts Do You Carry?

We offer these locker parts:

  • Lock bars
  • Locker hardware
  • Locker handles
  • Locker locks
  • Locker number plates
  • Locker recessed handles
  • Locker hooks
  • Locker springs
  • Latch spring options
  • Latch hook options

What Types of Locker Hardware Are Available?

We sell all types of locker hardware for various brands, such as Penco lockers, Aurora Steel, and Interior Steel. Whether you need a new locker handle or locker locks, we've got you covered.

Are You Experiencing Supply Chain Issues?

At this time, we are not. Typically, our carriers prefer shipping Monday-Thursday, but you can expedite shipping if you wish. It's best to make a list of locker hardware you need and purchase everything at once. We provide general accessories and full locker setups.

Can You Assemble the Lockers?

Whether you want Aurora Steel or Penco products, it's often wise to get fully assembled items. They're easier to handle because you just set them up where you wish them to be and start using them.

However, some people only need locker hardware, such as a locker handle or lock bar. If that's the case, you can buy what you require and install it yourself.

Shiffler also offers unassembled kits that your maintenance crew can put together for you.

What materials are locker doors made of?

Locker doors are typically made of metal, plastic, or wood. Metal doors are the most durable and secure option, while plastic doors are lightweight and easy to clean. Wooden doors provide a more aesthetically pleasing option, but may require more maintenance.

Can locker doors be customized to fit specific needs?

Yes, locker doors can be customized to fit specific needs. This can include features such as different lock types, ventilation, and the number and size of compartments. Locker doors can also be painted or decorated to match the decor of the surrounding area.

Are locker doors easy to install?

Locker doors can be easy to install, but it depends on the specific locker system being used. Some locker systems require professional installation, while others can be installed by the user with basic tools. It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to ensure that the doors are installed correctly and securely.