First Aid

First Aid, Command, & Lockdown

We not only offer these entire kits, but we also offer individual refills & supplies along with empty kits for creating customized products. We have a kit for virtually every application that you might encounter. Check out our full line of locks, hallway gates, signage, security mirrors, and more. 

What Is in a First Aid Kit?

So, what should be in a first aid kit? Depending on the level of preparedness, you may want to have several types of first aid kits on hand:

-      Trauma first aid kit

-      Bleeding control kit (bleedstop)

-      Shelter in place kit

-      Evacuation kit

Each trauma bag is then equipped with the related bandages, medicines, and sometimes even long-shelf life food to meet the needs of the situation at hand.

Why is First Aid Important in Schools?

Not only can day to day activities occasionally lead to the need for a first aid kit schools, we sadly also recommend them so your students and staff alike feel prepared for the unknown events that may occur.

Many school nurse’s offices even have a first aid bench so the student (or even faculty member) have a comfortable place to rest while being treated. Shiffler offers several first aid bench styles so one is sure to fit your needs.

In terms of our evacuation safety tips, we recommend being proactive and stocking your schools with a first responder first aid kit trauma bag fully stocked. That ensures you will be prepared for whatever unfortunate, unpredictable event that may occur. You should also create an individual emergency and lockdown plan and store your first aid trauma kit accordingly.

Another type of first aid situation can be sudden vomiting. Thankfully, Shiffler offers Voban vomit absorption which quickly cleans up any unwanted smells and messes. It can be a very useful part of a school's first aid kit as well as for any maintenance department or facility department.

First Aid Kit for Schools from Shiffler Equipment

Shiffler Equipment can outfit your facility with the most complete and ingenious first aid, lockdown, evacuation, and command kits on the market, today. These kits are offered in multiple formats (bags, buckets, rolling packs, backpacks, mini bags, cabinets, etc.) to cover the right situations and headcount.