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Storage Cabinets

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Frequently Asked Questions About Storage Cabinets


What Should I Consider Before Buying a Storage Cabinet?

  • The ideal size and shape of the cabinet

  • Where you will use it: at home, in an office, in a classroom, or at another facility

  • If you want casters (wheels)

  • How many shelving trays you want

  • What contents you will store: personal belongings, school supplies, crafting supplies, classroom decorations, toys and games, small manipulatives, etc.

  • The perfect type to suit your style 

  • If you need locked doors or removable locks

What Special Features Can Storage Cabinets Have?

  • Adjustable shelves

  • Fixed shelves

  • Mobile storage

  • Heavy-duty casters

  • Locking doors

With What Materials Are Storage Cabinets Constructed?

One of the most popular choices is baltic birch. Storage cabinets made with birch are designed to last, making them perfect for classrooms and playrooms.

In addition to wood, a storage unit can also be constructed out of metal alloys, stainless steel, plastic, and even glass.

What Are the Advantages of Bin Storage?

  • Great for storing toys, especially blocks and manipulatives

  • Low price

  • Mobile and lightweight for easy carry and transport

  • Great for storing dog toys or treats

  • Solution for storing extra blankets in the bedroom

  • Keep arts and crafts materials in one convenient location

  • Stock up on extra classroom supplies

What Are the Ideal Storage Cabinets for Kids?

You want an option that will create more floor space for kids to safely run and play. It's also handy to have locks to restrict access when you're not watching. Locking rolling casters prevent children from accidentally moving the storage unit.

A children's storage unit should be easy for them to reach. This is especially helpful for blocks, LEGOs, puzzle pieces, and other small toys frequently bought in bundles. The right storage choice can be a perfect way to teach children to clean up after they play.

What Are the Best Storage Solutions for Arts and Crafts Materials?

Storage cabinets are a great way to make space by collecting various art supplies in one area. You can keep them stored and organized away from other toys for quick access. Use extra shelving trays to keep sketchbooks and resource materials securely stored.

How Can Storage Cabinets Be Used in Classrooms

Teachers are always looking for ways to keep the classroom organized on a budget. Cubbies are a useful way to store personal items or extra classroom supplies. Some storage units come with up to twelve cubbies. In a classroom of 24 to 36, this is an incredibly affordable option for teachers paying out of pocket.

Cabinets with multiple shelving trays can act as literature organizers to arrange books or graded papers. Teachers can also use locked cabinets for storing games, candy, and other rewards when students behave. The lock will prevent children from sneaking into the cabinet while the teacher is preoccupied.

Any type of storage unit is great for making space in the classroom. As schools become more crowded, more students are packed into small classrooms. It helps to preserve as much space as possible.

A mobile storage unit allows for easy classroom organization and readjustments. If more space is needed for a classroom activity, the cabinets can be easily rolled to another location. This also helps the custodial staff clean more effectively.

How Can a Storage Unit Help Offices?

Storage cabinets have numerous uses in the workplace:

  • Storing personal belongings with a lock to prevent theft and snooping

  • Securing documents and important supplies

  • Creating more floor space in cubicles with limited access

  • Having cubbies that allow your workspace to stay organized

What Advantages Do Storage Cabinets Have Over School Lockers?

While a locker creates a sufficient storage unit, it has limitations. Storage cabinets can do everything a school locker can do and more. They are great for storing larger items, such as coats, and smaller valuables, such as books. Other benefits that make storage cabinets a strong choice include:

  • Wheels for mobile storage options

  • Availability at low prices

  • A variety of options to suit any style

  • Adjustable shelves

  • Baltic birch being more appealing at home and in the classroom

  • Options for more or fewer shelving trays

  • A lightweight unit

What Are the Sturdiest Storage Cabinets for the Best Price?

Strong storage cabinets can withstand years of wear and tear. Your choice should contain certain ideal features to protect your content. One of these features is heavy-duty casters for a mobile unit. 

Another important feature is lockable doors. The lock can be built into the door itself or a separate unit that can be removed.

You also want to look for heavy-duty shelves that are easy to clean. These will resist damage and corrosion.