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Facility Signage for Schools from Shiffler Equipment

Every facilities management professional knows that the smooth operation of schools and universities requires much more than many may realize. Among the many things you must consider, perhaps one thing is particularly memorable: communication is critical.

Facility signs empower you to maximize safety and efficiency by optimizing communication at every space within your institution. In an environment that’s inundated with demands for their attention, how do you clearly communicate hazards and navigational aids for students, staff, and visitors?

Fortunately, at Shiffler Equipment, we offer an expansive catalog of diverse signage for your facility, school, or other educational institution. With everything from health, janitorial, and safety signage to stencils, paint, and parts, we have exactly what you need to grab attention and communicate clearly. We even offer our own proprietary bracket for attaching signs to chain link fence.

What is Customized Facility Signage?

Custom facility signage can be personalized with original messaging that aids visitors in navigating your institution and avoiding hazards. There are as many ways to communicate with your staff and visitors as there are types of signage.

This means that you can utilize multiple methods for ensuring that guests remain informed. For example, wall signs can reveal where restrooms are located, while ceiling placards can point people in the right direction from afar.

Similarly, caution signs reveal permanent or regularly occurring hazards, but portable signs are perfect for spontaneous messes. Additionally, portable signs can be placed in the event of an emergency, while glow-in-the-dark emergency signs are ideal for organized evacuations.

What Facility Signs are Mandatory?

You should consult local, state, and federal regulations (including OSHA regulations) to ensure that you’ve posted any signage that’s required for your facility. However, for most schools, colleges, and educational institutions, we recommend the following, as a minimum:

To keep your signage maintained, consider adding the following to your operating budget:

Why Choose Shiffler Equipment for Your School Signage?

At Shiffler Equipment, we offer a wide variety of safety, efficiency, and informational signage to help you keep your facility running successfully. Practically every area of your facility is in need of signage including identification, caution, wayfinding, traffic control, and instructional signs.

Our high-quality products & competitive pricing makes us the perfect partner for you!

Fortunately, we have your entire facility covered — from floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall.

We have access to thousands of different standard and custom signs, which makes your options almost endless.

Whether you repair or replace, relax we have what you need!

Best of all, if you have a particular signage need, and you don’t see it here, our friendly and knowledgeable sales team will be excited to assist you in designing the perfect fit. You can leverage our 40+ years of facility signage experience, in-stock shipping programs, competitive prices, design consulting, and our network of professional installers.

Customize Signage for your Facilities at Shiffler Equipment

At Shiffler Equipment, in addition to our decades of expertise, we also have a collaborative spirit and a passion for the education sector. This means that we are uniquely positioned to help you design and develop the perfect school signage for your needs.

Many may assume that an educational facility is an educational facility — that the needs of one should serve the needs of any other. We know that isn’t true; in truth, your school requires specific solutions to resolve specific problems, hazards, and obstacles.

Don’t leave your school facility signage to anybody who treats your facilities maintenance needs as “standard” or “conventional.” To customize the perfect facility signs for your educational institution, reach out to our team today.