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Stage Skirting

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Stage Skirts

Stage skirts, also known as drapes or valances, are used to cover the sides and legs of a stage to create a professional, finished look. The stage skirts can be made from a variety of materials, including polyester, velvet, or muslin, and are typically customizable in size, color, and fabric to fit the specific needs of the event or production. Stage skirts can also serve a functional purpose by hiding cables and other equipment, as well as concealing storage space beneath the stage.

When selecting stage skirts, it's important to consider the event or production, the size and shape of the stage, and the desired color scheme. By using high-quality stage skirts, event and production coordinators can ensure a polished and professional look for their stage.

Stage skirts are an important accessory for any stage setup, providing a clean and finished look while also hiding storage or technical equipment beneath the stage. Here are some frequently asked questions about stage skirts:

What are stage skirts made of?

Stage skirts are typically made of a fire-retardant fabric material, such as polyester or velour, which drapes nicely around the sides and legs of a stage.

What sizes are available for stage skirts?

Stage skirts come in a variety of sizes to fit different stage configurations, including 6 inch, 12 inch, and 24 inch height options.

How are stage skirts attached to the stage?

Stage skirts come with Velcro strips or hook and loop fasteners, making them easy to attach to the stage. Some stage skirts also come with clips or snaps to keep the fabric secure.

How are stage skirts cleaned and maintained?

Stage skirts can be spot-cleaned or dry-cleaned as needed, depending on the fabric material. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer's care instructions for best results.