Chair Glides and Slides

Chair Glides and Slides to Preserve Your Flooring

If you’re like most people, you probably take your chair for granted. You sit in it every day and don’t give it a second thought.

But is your trusty chair damaging your floors? Do you need an alternative to tennis balls on chairs? The answer is yes and yes, but chair leg glides and furniture sliders by Shiffler are here to help.

So what are chair glides? Chair glides and slides are floor protectors! They can shield your floors from scratches, scuffs, and other damage. In fact, chair slides and glides are among the simplest and most economical ways to protect both your chair legs and your flooring. 

Schools spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars putting in high-quality flooring, whether its commercial carpeting or durable tiles. They then spend the same if not more money on classroom chairs and desks. Most chairs and desks don’t come with built-in floor protectors. So while most think of furniture glides as replacement parts, they may be necessary to purchase even while your chairs and desks are brand new. This is the surest way to protect your floors at a school, office, or even wood floors at home.

Each chair leg type and floor composition correspond to a different type of chair glide to use as your floor protectors. For example, school chair legs are often metal with metal feet, posing a problem for tile or wood floors. Thankfully, this section includes information about how to choose the correct chair glides for your chair leg, depending on your floor material. Even if you need small chair glides for a unique wood-legged school chair, with our variety of shapes, materials, sizes, and styles of glides, you are sure to find the perfect fit at Shiffler.

Chair Leg Glides Protect Your Floors from Damage

Chair glides are floor protectors or replacement parts, and you can keep your floors scratch-free with additional chair glides from Shiffler Equipment. Our diverse catalog boasts an abundance of styles, including swivel and non-swivel, sled base, and insert glides.

But with such an expansive catalog, it can be tricky to match your needs with our glides. How do you make chairs slide easier on tile, customers often ask? We suggest using a felt base glide to reduce the friction. Sometimes teachers want to avoid chairs sliding on tile which is when a rubber base glide would be your solution.

And what are the best chair glides for hardwood floors? We offer felt furniture pads if you need a quick and simple floor protecting fix for hardwood floors. Nylon or rubber chair glides can also protect wood floors by reducing the ability of the chair sliding across the floor.

Whether your flooring is carpet, laminate, hardwood, tile, or another material, you’ll find the chair glides and feet replacement parts you need. Felt pads can help make your furniture mobile and protect your flooring with replacement chair slides from Shiffler Equipment.

Chair Glides for Metal Legs

Some chair legs are made from metal, and these can easily scratch your flooring. Our bell glides can protect your floors while still allowing your chairs to move smoothly. You can also stock up on replacement felt bases to ensure you never have to hear a screech again. Glides for metal chair legs should be felt or even nylon to avoid the metal-creating damage and to reduce noise on your flooring.

Glide caps are the plastic or rubber tips on the ends of chair legs that glide across your flooring without causing damage. Made from a variety of materials, glide caps can protect your flooring and create a quieter experience for everyone in the room.

So how do chairs to slide on carpet? Simple, outfit your chair leg with the correct glide. Choose a steel-base or nylon-base chair glide that won’t cause too much friction on carpet so it will allow a bit of sliding movement.

Chair Coasters for Wooden Legs

If you have wooden chair legs, you’ll want to protect your floors with chair slides that are specifically designed to be installed into wooden surfaces. Coasters, for example, sit between the leg and the floor, while other chair glides can be nailed into the chair leg. Whichever you prefer, both prevent any direct contact and preserve your flooring.

Choose from a variety of materials, including nylon, rubber, and plastic, to find the perfect glide for your needs. We also carry a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find the perfect floor protection solution for your furniture. Furniture glides, furthermore, are more universal and can be used on chairs or even tables, desks, and other legged furniture.

Table and Chair Tips

If you’re looking for a more extensive collection of floor protection products, our table and chair tips and feet selection offer just that. In addition to glide caps, swivel glides, and felt pads, we offer floor protection caps made from a variety of materials that fit over the end of your chair legs.

These black rubber table and chair leg caps, for example, are effortless to install. Even better, you have the choice of different colors (such as these nude rubber chair glides) to match the aesthetic of your environment, and different materials (including these black vinyl table and chair tips) to best suit your specific flooring.

Chair Stoppers

While furniture glides for chairs are often designed for smooth, safe movements across slick floors, depending on the environment, a chair stopper will keep your furniture right where you place it. Furniture leg tips come in a variety of colors and sizes so they are a quick, seamless fix.

Rubber chair tips can also mute leg sounds on echoey floors, making them an ideal accompaniment to any classroom or even baby’s nursery. While they can restrict movement, they absorb the sounds and cushion your chair leg against your floors.

If your objective is to reduce mobility, use chair stops to prevent furniture from moving. These are ideal for office desks, classroom desks, and more. They’re easy to install and help keep workers and children safe throughout their day. Rubber and nylon are key materials for chair stoppers if you’re looking to decrease movement across smooth floors, such as tile or hardwood.

Protect Your Floors with Chair Feet from Shiffler Equipment

Installing a set of replacement glides on your furniture legs can go a long way towards protecting your floors and maximizing the longevity of your chairs and furniture. In fact, they serve as an investment by reducing the need to refinish your flooring and replace your seating. Alternatively, using felt pads as furniture sliders also greatly reduces the risk of damaging your floors.

No matter your furniture needs, you’ll find the replacement chair gliders and tips you require at Shiffler Equipment. Our parts are made to fit practically every major manufacturer’s products, so whether you’re looking for replacement glides or inserts for office chairs, restaurant chairs, or bar stools, we’ve got what it takes to keep your furniture supporting you for longer.

Better still, at Shiffler, we’re passionate collaborators who enjoy the feeling of helping professionals to optimize their infrastructure for a safer, more productive environment. For help finding the ideal glides for chairs for your institution, and our latest deals, reach out to our team today.