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Wall and School Clocks

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Wall Clocks & School Clocks for Educational Facilities

The importance of accurate timekeeping in educational institutions cannot be overstated. Wall clocks are a vital piece of equipment for schools and other educational facilities and need to be chosen carefully by procurement specialists or facilities managers. A school clock specifically is a key accessory in any classroom.

There are many types of school clocks on the market, but it's important to consider the type of wall clock that is best suited for your institution's needs. These might include project requirements, safety factors, and budget constraints for the type, quantity, and style of a wall clock or school clock.

Regardless of your decision, whether you're aiming to monitor class changes by establishing a sync with school bells or you want to have a countdown setup between classes, it's important to think along the lines of the function and design of each available option before settling on your final decision.

A school clock is not necessarily very different from a typical wall clock. School clocks are often wall clocks that can be easily read by students, are usually rather large in size, and at times, school clocks are of the atomic variety so they keep time accurately.

Fortunately, at Shiffler Equipment, we offer an expansive collection of analog and digital clocks to suit a diverse range of demands for your school clock.

This ensures that you're empowered to keep everyone on the same pace at your school by synchronizing everyone to a singular wall clock or school clock in your classroom. We offer a large variety of school wall clocks that are also suitable for all institutions, workplaces, or even for use as a home wall clock.

The best part is the unbeatable price. You may think that the impressive function lists and the ability to keep things accurately synchronized would be locked behind a massive paywall. However, this couldn't be further from the truth.

You'll find our wares to be incredibly affordable and every bit as functional as we describe them. If you're not sure which one would be a good fit for your office or classroom, reach out to us today so we can help you decide!

School Clocks: Stay on Track

There are many benefits to having accurate timekeeping in schools and other educational facilities. For students, being able to keep track of time helps them to stay on task and be productive. While there are similar technologies for timekeeping, a school wall clock helps avoid distractions from phones and other devices.

A wall clock or school clock also allows students to budget their time more effectively, both inside and outside of school. For teachers, having an accurate school clock helps with lesson planning and keeping the class on the established schedule.

School clocks can also help avoid disruptions caused by the need to check computers and smart devices. Finally, a battery-powered school clock provides a reliable alternative to a wired wall clock in the event of power loss in a room or building.

Digital Wall Clock: Brown Frame, Black Frame, and Others

Traditional school clocks often have a black frame and a white dial. Digital wall clocks, however, are also a great alternative for educational institutions because they are very accurate and easy to read.

They can be battery-operated or powered by an AC adapter, and many models have a built-in backup battery that keeps the wall clock running in case of a power outage. Digital school clocks even often feature red digits making them visible and readable from distances and different angles.

Digital wall clocks also often include features like countdown timers, stopwatches, and alarms, which can be helpful for teachers and students. These school clock functions can facilitate games, enable research, and help students track the remaining time during an exam.

Remember that apart from telling time, school clocks are also an essential part of developing behaviors that are conducive to proper time management and utilization later on.

Shiffler Equipment, through our offering of Chicago Lighthouse, La Crosse, and other clocks at an affordable price, is helping you to reinforce these desirable behaviors.


Large Plug-In Wall Clock

For large classrooms or even lecture halls, a large wall clock or school clock is the best solution. The Chaney Large Digital Clock is a great option for educational facilities. It has a large, easy-to-read display that shows the date, time, and indoor temperature.
It also has a red LED light that makes it easy to see in low-light conditions. This wall clock is battery-operated, so it doesn't require any wiring, and it has a built-in calendar that can be set up to show the current month, day, or year.

Remember that you want students to start relying on the clocks in the classroom and other areas around the campus. To this end, having a display that is conducive to easy reading is a plus.

Large Date Atomic Wall Clocks

If you are looking for a clock that is extremely accurate in its timekeeping, look no further than an atomic wall clock. Thanks to this type of school clock's accuracy, it is a great fit for a classroom or even office space. The La Crosse Atomic Digital Wall Clock is accurate to within one second, making it perfect for time-sensitive applications such as scientific experiments and demonstrations.

It also has a large, 4-time display that is easy to read from a distance.

Finally, this wall clock features an indoor temperature display and date display, making it a versatile option for any school.

Self-Setting Analog Schoolhouse Clocks

When it comes to keeping time, accuracy is key. That's why many schools are turning to the La Crosse Ultra Atomic, Radio-Controlled Analog Wall Clock. Oak and glass are the typical school clock materials, but not for this!

This clock is extremely accurate, thanks to its atomic clock technology. It's also radio-controlled, so it always stays up to date with the current time. It features a black frame and a white dial for a clean, uncluttered view.

Plus, it has an expansive display to maximize visibility at a distance. Students and staff alike can keep pace when provided the time-keeping equipment that empowers them to do so. There are also analog school clocks with Arabic numerals available from Shiffler.

Developing a Wireless Clock System

Whether you buy a Chicago Lighthouse clock with a black frame or a La Crosse digital wall clock with a white frame, the way it looks is not as important as its accuracy. After all, so much of the school day is based on timed events that an accurate time is highly essential.

Staying on top of things and learning time management is everyone's business and an accurate reference point is essential. This is where a wireless clock system fits into the equation.

The setup would involve a master clock with the function of being the reference point for the school. With a wireless setup, other school clocks with smart features would use the time from it.

Bear in mind that the master clock would account for clock drift by using a global provider, and it would still be able to provide a reliable measure for the school, even during times when the WiFi goes down.

A wireless clock system is particularly useful if your school is on the larger side of the fence. Get your students into the right habits. After all, they will transition with them to the world of business later on in life.

Stay Synchronized with a School Clock from Shiffler Equipment

When many people think of vital school equipment, they tend to overlook the humble wall clock. In an era when the youngest of students likely have a supercomputer in their bags, what use is there for an analog timekeeper?

In truth, school clocks are one of those tools that become invaluable in certain situations. For example, if you want to prevent students from checking their smart devices or similar technologies in the middle of a test, an analog clock is advantageous.
If nothing else, it's also a lesson that a simple battery-operated system can sometimes be just as important as the complex accessories they carry around. We also encourage parents to create an environment at home that allows children to gain an appreciation for analog clocks.

At Shiffler Equipment, outfitting each customer from educational institutions is our passion. We offer several quick-ship school clocks that are always in stock and ready to ship to you within 48 hours of placing your order. Shop and check out online and you will have access to our full category of school clocks. Each listing has an image and details about the school clock in question at a price you can't beat!

To find the perfect wall clock for your classrooms, reach out to our team today.