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With Shiffler's 50+ years of experience outfitting facilities with the best quality bathroom partitions, we are ready to help you with your project! We carry the leading manufacturers and our top customer service and sales teams will make the process easy from start to finish. We even offer drawings and layouts that can help visualize your future restroom. From full partition design and installation, to replacement doors or parts, we are here to help! Ready to get started?

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Bathroom Partitions | Bathroom Dividers | Bathroom Walls | Bathroom Stalls

Welcome to Shiffler's comprehensive selection of high-quality bathroom urinal partitions and dividers! Our range of restroom partitions and dividers includes a specialized focus on bathroom urinal partitions, designed to meet the privacy and functional needs of educational environments. These bathroom urinal partitions offer a discreet and hygienic solution for public restrooms, ensuring the comfort and privacy of users. Crafted with durability and aesthetics in mind, our urinal partitions are available in various materials, finishes, and configurations to suit your specific requirements. Explore the benefits of our bathroom urinal partitions and dividers, designed to enhance the restroom experience for students and staff alike. Discover our diverse range of restroom partitions and dividers, with a special emphasis on bathroom urinal partitions, on our dedicated page: Restroom Partitions and Dividers at Shiffler and elevate the privacy and functionality of your educational facility's restrooms.

From full bathroom stall installation projects to replacement bathroom stalls for schools, Shiffler has you covered! Offering a variety of top brands such as ASI and Hadrian, Shiffler can help you design the perfect bathroom stalls for schools, including the partition and divider layout for your school bathroom. Even if you need just a door, a urinal screen, or the smallest of replacement parts for a bathroom partition, we have hundreds of colors, materials, and styles to match your needs. Bathroom stalls for schools are just a click or a call away! 

Bathroom stalls for schools and bathroom partition accessories can be difficult to match. Our staff here at Shiffler are fully trained on bathroom divider hardware and all partition variables. We carry replacement parts for all brands and if you don't see them on site, please reach out as we have relationships with all of the top bathroom stalls for schools and bathroom partitions hardware suppliers.

Partitions for Bathrooms

Enhance privacy and functionality in your educational facility with our top-quality partitions for bathrooms, available at Shiffler Equipment. Our restroom partitions and dividers are designed to create well-organized and private restroom spaces for students, staff, and visitors. With a focus on durability and aesthetics, our partitions for bathrooms offer a versatile solution for maintaining a clean and comfortable restroom environment. Whether you need to divide larger restroom areas or create separate stalls, our partitions and dividers provide the ideal balance of privacy and accessibility. Trust in Shiffler Equipment's expertise to provide partitions for bathrooms that meet your specific needs, ensuring a hygienic and functional restroom setup. Upgrade your restroom facilities with our reliable and customizable partitions for bathrooms and create a more comfortable and inviting space for all.

Restroom Partitions

Restroom partitions, also known as bathroom stalls, are an essential component of any public or commercial restroom. There are numerous benefits to using restroom partitions, including providing privacy and safety for users, reducing noise and distractions, and maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the restroom. Restroom partitions also offer a degree of customization, with various materials, colors, and styles available to match any decor or design. Additionally, restroom partitions are durable and long-lasting, requiring minimal maintenance and upkeep. Overall, using restroom partitions can improve the user experience, enhance safety and hygiene, and provide a professional and functional space for any public or commercial restroom.

Restroom partitions for schools are an important consideration in ensuring privacy and safety for students. These partitions are designed to provide privacy and separate toilet areas from each other, which is crucial for students' comfort and well-being. They are available in a variety of materials, such as metal, plastic, and wood, and can be customized to fit the specific needs of the restroom. They are also available in different sizes and styles to accommodate various age groups and student populations. Restroom partitions for schools can help to promote a positive and comfortable learning environment, ensuring that students can focus on their education without the distraction of uncomfortable restroom facilities.

Bathroom Partitions - FAQs

What Are Urinal Dividers Used for?

Urinal dividers are used in order to provide extra privacy in men's restrooms in schools. The urinal divider is typically put between two or more urinals or between a sink and a urinal.

What Is a Bathroom/Restroom Partition? 

A restroom partition is a divider that separates individual stalls or compartments in a public or commercial restroom. A restroom partition provides privacy for users and helps maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the restroom. A restroom partition is available in a variety of materials, styles, and colors to match any decor or design.

What Are Bathroom/Restroom Partitions Made of?

Restroom partitions are made of different materials depending on which one you choose. Some are made out of powder-coated steel, while others are made out of solid plastic.


How Thick Are Urinal Dividers?

The thickness of urinal partitions varies from 1/2 to 1 inch depending on the material used to construct them. Students care about the bathroom wall density because a solid, robust barrier will make them feel comfortable and will contribute to their positive perception of the school. Bathroom urinal dividers with thicker dimensions offer extra support; therefore, we recommend choosing products with thicker materials. These are also more durable.


How Do You Clean Urinal Partitions?

Solid plastic bathroom stall doors and walls are moisture-resistant and won't delaminate, corrode, or mildew. They also won't absorb odors. Use a sponge or cloth, warm water, and a light all-purpose cleaner. After rinsing, dry it. A more thorough cleaning should involve hosing down the area and drying the surfaces thereafter. Public restrooms are known to carry significantly more bacteria than private ones; therefore, it is crucial to ensure the bathroom stall dividers are cleaned properly.


What Is the Height of Urinal Partitions?

They are roughly around 82 inches high and will often be fastened to a support beam on the ceiling or floor. The urinal partition wall will then be mounted 12 inches or more above the ground. Various mounting solutions are available based on your ceiling clearance, floor clearance, and other elements.


What Is a Urinal Screen?

These screens are designed to fit over drains and function as a net to collect trash such as paper and other waste. However, some urinal screens do more than just act as barriers. They produce fragrances so that when students and guests use the urinal, they smell a nice scent rather than urine. A urinal screen is a fantastic addition to bathroom stalls and will elevate your school restrooms.


What Is the Best Bathroom Partition Material?

While many materials work well for school bathroom partitions, powder-coated steel, stainless steel, solid plastic, and plastic laminate are our top three options.


How Are Powder-coated Steel Urinal Dividers Made?

Powder-coated steel involves coating honeycomb boards on both sides with thick metal sheets. Colored powder is applied to the metal and then baked into the metal. A powder-coated urinal separator is often a more affordable option.


How Are Stainless Steel Partitions Made?

Stainless steel urinal dividers are at the top of the range. Particularly if your redesign is for a school, stainless steel restroom partitions create an unquestionably elegant, more sophisticated vibe that the other barriers may not be able to provide. Stainless steel can be smooth or etched with designs.


Are Plastic Laminate Bathroom Stalls Better than Powder-coated Steel?

When compared to powder-coated steel, this type of urinal divider wall is essentially the next level up, and it would be a great alternative if you were planning a rebuild.

However, a solid plastic bathroom stall is a step up from plastic laminate.


Is Hardware Included?

This depends on the urinal stall dividers you buy. Sometimes there is hardware included, but other times you'll have to buy the hardware separately. Shiffler Equipment does sell hardware separately.