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KI Furniture Replacement Parts

At Shiffler Equipment, we’re a proud supplier of Krueger International furniture and accessories. There is a huge emphasis on the importance of keeping these products functional and supportive and our selection of KI Furniture parts helps us meet this goal.

Classroom chairs, large tables for seating, and floor sliders are just a few of the KI Furniture Replacement Parts available to our customers. KI furniture parts use base materials like nylon or felt to help prevent damage to floors and provide support to chairs.

KI Furniture parts can also help make moving and rearranging furniture an easy and quick project. We offer latches and other types of brackets as well for tables and chairs that need the foundation to hold more weight and pressure.

KI Furniture Replacement Hardware at Shiffler Equipment

KI Swivel Chair Glide for Intellect Series

The emphasis on comfort and mobility is stressed with the KI Furniture Intellect line of chairs. That comfort should never be compromised due to improper weight displacement or potential damage to your floor.

To help service it even better, the KI Swivel Chair Glide for Intellect Series is available for easy installation. It’s equipped with a swivel action to aid in movement.

With a soft, felt base, this chair glide will help keep your floors protected and safe. This product is available for the left and rear chair base, both from KI Furniture.

Caster for Table with Seating

Larger dining and cafeteria areas need an easy solution when it comes to movement and arrangement. KI Furniture tables that have seating already installed can make that answer an even greater challenge.

The caster for table with seating provides a response to mobility concerns.

This product by KI Furniture is an excellent choice for school dining tables, as well as utility stands and other heavier furniture designed for seating multiple people. The swivel implemented in the caster allows for even easier rearrangement.

Formed Felt Cover Floor Savers for KI Intellect Wave Chair

Another great option in floor protection and gliding, the Formed Felt Cover Floor Savers for KI Intellect Wave Chair comes in a 100 pack, making it suitable for purchasing in bulk. This is an ideal option for customers who may have to cover a classroom of chairs.

The dimensions of this particular floor saver is 3.2 inch x .57 in. These felt covers are suited for the back of KI Intellect Wave chairs.

KI OEM Replacement Parts

The importance of storage capabilities combined with easy assembly and set up is what makes a uniframe table from Krueger International so important. Having a solid latch is even more important.

The latch with catch for Uniframe table by KI Furniture helps to ensure longevity, stability, and safety with this product. For those shopping for a UFRT model, a similar type of latch with a catch can be found as well.

Spider tables, on the other hand, push the boundary of modern interior design with a crossed leg frame that gives it a unique design. This design allows for more weight and pressure to be applied to the table, and supporting said uniqueness and weight long-term is now easy with Krueger International’s latch for a spider table.

Maintain Your Furniture with KI Furniture Parts at Shiffler Equipment

Shiffler Equipment is proud to serve thousands of customers daily, providing quality products in the education, government, and religious facility markets. Whether someone is shopping for classroom accessories or maintaining their floor with glides and floor mats, we strive to ensure our clients get the solutions they need at the best price.

Thanks to the over 300 vendors and brands we represent, Shiffler Equipment is able to offer complete replacement and repair parts, as well as high quality OEM products. Be sure to contact us today for any furniture maintenance questions you may have.