Door Stoppers and Holders

Door Stoppers & Door Holders for Educational Institutions

Having access to dependable doorstoppers is more important than ever for your school faculty and students. Each specific type of school door stop offers benefits based on district safety standards, institutional policies, and the door styles used in school buildings.

It’s essential to do your research into the best door stoppers for schools and classrooms, with a little help from a trusted supplier of school door stops, before making a purchasing decision. At Shiffler Equipment, we understand just how important this door stoppers purchase is for your educational setting.

That’s why we offer a wide selection of doorstoppers and fit for classrooms. Don’t waste a minute if you need a door stop replacement or even a door silencer.

Door Stop Systems for Schools & Educational Facilities

Having a uniform collection of school door stops for all rooms in a school building helps to ensure that faculty members know how to properly utilize stoppers in all situations. In recent years, functioning door stops have become essential for classroom safety and preparedness.

Most schools consider door stops to be essential parts of lockdown procedures. They are also commonly used in safety drills to ensure that faculty members and students understand how to effectively use doorstops in lockdown settings.

What Types of Door Stops Are There?

There are many different doorstoppers that can be used throughout a building. The common styles used in schools today include:

  • Floor-mount door stop
  • Kick down door stop
  • School door sleeve
  • Door stopper ground model
  • Hinge pin door stops
  • Spring door stops
  • Door bumpers
  • Wall-Mount Door Stop/Holder

Traditional options like the floor-mount door stop or kick down door stop have been used for decades to help keep doors opened or closed. However, today, newer options like the school door sleeve are designed to enhance safety in educational settings.

A school door sleeve is a bar that’s designed to be fixed to outward-swinging doors to prevent a person from entering. Meanwhile, a plunger-style door holder is another efficient option that can be activated hands-free by using your foot to engage the plunger.

What Are the Top Doorstop Finishes?

While the main purpose of door holders is to hold a door open, the type of door (a spring door, for example), and where it’s located (i.e. exterior doors) helps dictate what finish doorstop you need to purchase. The most common types of door holder finishes are as follows:

  • Oil rubbed bronze
  • Solid brass
  • Satin nickel finish
  • Antique brass
  • Polished brass
  • Bright brass
  • Satin chrome

Satin nickel and solid brass construction are the trendiest finishes and yet they still prevent doors from impact damage.

Which Type of Door Stop is Best for My School?

Choosing the right door stopper for an education facility is often a collaborative effort that can include board members, security officers, administrators, and local law enforcement. The age and design of a building should also be considered when making decisions.

For instance, an older building may require a brick wall door stopper for a wooden door. Newer buildings often have doors that are compatible with an option like a one-move kick door stop.

While Shiffler Equipment originally catered to schools, we have broadened our horizons and now work with hospitality and religious organizations. Many types of door stoppers and door silencers are universal, thankfully. The best door stoppers for a school are often the best door stoppers for your office or hotel. A kick door stop, for example, may be more convenient in your janitorial closet or a school door stop but that does not exclude them from being used on an office door. 

Easy Door Stoppers Installation Process

Even though a hinge pin door can be adjusted at the door hinge to prevent doors from impact damage, its important to have a hinge pin door stops as a backup. Thankfully, most of the hinge pin style door stoppers from Shiffler can be installed directly to the door or wall. Door hinges can loosen over time, so we advise customers to always have a heavy duty door stopper on standby.

Fortunately, our door holders have a simple installation process, regardless of its location on exterior doors or an interior hinge pin door. Hardware and installation instructions are included with most styles and can be installed directly upon receipt.

Find the Best Door Stoppers & Holders at Shiffler Equipment

At Shiffler Equipment, we’re seasoned experts when it comes to supplying schools with the essentials needed to create safe, code-compliant learning spaces. We’ve developed our product line of door stoppers to keep up with the changing needs of school buildings.

Our products offer the high-quality materials and exceptional construction needed to help keep doors operational. If you’re looking for the best door stoppers, lockdown door stoppers, and school door sleeves you can buy for educational buildings, then our team is ready to help you get all of the doors in your building outfitted with cutting-edge contemporary options.

Don’t get tripped up over selecting the best choice in door stops and door silencer for your school. Contact us today!