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High-quality Classroom Stools to Upgrade Your School Furniture

Stools are some of the most functional furniture in the seating category. Ranging in styles, heights, and materials, stools have enough variety to suit all of your school, business, and even home needs. Whether you are outfitting a science lab, setting up a reception podium, or just need additional seating in your sound booth, Shiffler offers a wide variety of stools to suit each and every need. Adjustable or fixed height, with or without a backrest, and even with casters, your stool of choice will be a great addition to your classroom or facility space.

This Diversified Woodcrafts Wood Seat Chair redefines classroom furniture. It comes in a variety of colors and can be adjusted to different heights, making it perfect for both children and adult students.

Another great version of the stool is the Diversified Woodcrafts Tractor Chair. This chair is the perfect fit for any educational institution and is made with a comfortable vinyl seat and back. The tractor-style chair also comes with a chrome foot ring and base.

With so many disparate options on the market, it’s advisable to get assistance from experts in the field. For more ideas on the best way to upgrade your stools or other facility furniture, reach out to Shiffler Equipment today.


Get Flexible Seating Options from Major Manufacturers like National Public Seating Here!

Finding the right chair or seat for your classrooms is easier said than done. You must think about storage space, price, style, and more.

Overall, you should go for something that feels sturdy and functional while maintaining lightweight capabilities. That way, you can ensure proper posture for students, and teachers can also feel more comfortable if they have a standing desk and want to sit every once in a while.

We have flexible seating options on our website, so whether you're looking for chairs, stools, or any other lightweight seat option for your classrooms, rest assured that we have them all.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Stools for a Classroom

If you're still debating which type of stools or chairs you must get for your classrooms, consider the following FAQ section, which answers some of the most common concerns our customers have regarding stools for classrooms.


Should You Get School Stools with Adjustable Legs?

Absolutely! Keep in mind that if you want to offer flexible seating, having adjustable legs will make all the difference. Not everyone shares the same height, so if you get stools or chairs with a fixed height, some people will feel uncomfortable.

In this case, having adjustable height is the best option you can consider for any seat, whether it's for kids or adults.

Should a Teacher Stool Be the Same as a Student Stool?

Not necessarily. Teacher chairs for a classroom tend to have some extra features like wheels or sturdier frame material. The wheels will allow teachers to move around the board without having to get up all the time.

Still, a regular chair will be fine in most scenarios. You can check with your classroom teachers to determine which seat/chair type will be a better option for them.

What Classroom Stools for Students Are Better?

Finding the right stools for classroom seating may be a problem. Kid stools for a classroom, for example, need to be as simple as possible while maintaining comfort, while regular stools for schools should have more features to make the seating experience better.

Many schools decide to get stackable stools for a classroom since they're easier to store. Others get colorful stools for the classroom to make it look better for kids. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference.

Still, if you want to ensure the most comfort possible, then you should get stools with appropriate frame material and adjustable features.

Should You Get Classroom Wobble Stools?

Wobble chairs and stools are becoming a popular option to encourage "active sitting." While you could get this seat option for your classroom, it isn't necessary.

Some schools prefer having fixed chairs so that children don't have any issues staying in place for long periods. In cases of a preschool, for example, wobble chairs would be a bad idea, as children of young ages could have trouble balancing themselves, which could make them lose focus and create a problem.

How Do You Decide Which Chair Is Best for You?

There are several factors you should consider before choosing any kind of chair, including:

  • Who the stool is for (kids, teenagers, personnel, visitors)

  • The price of the stool

  • The materials of the stool

  • Extra features (adjustability, wheels, etc.)

If you work with kids, then a regular or folding chair could be a good option at a good price. However, if you're working with older children, then you should start looking at higher-quality options with more features like metal stools for a classroom, although these could involve a higher price.