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School Furniture

Are you a school administrator, educator, or facilities manager? If so, there are many decisions that you’re responsible for to ensure a safe and welcoming educational environment.

One of the most important of those is: what type of furniture and fixtures best suit your institution? You want to ensure that you select high-quality products that not only look good but also function well in the space for which they’re intended.

Furniture for Schools

When it comes to the education of both children and adult learners, we want to provide them with the most comfortable space in which to learn. Furniture that provides comfort as well as functionality is more likely to facilitate optimal productivity.

Educational Furniture for Supporting Your Students

Perhaps the most important pieces of furniture for schools are chairs, tables, and desks. These comprise the bulk of what most classrooms require, providing support to students and teachers, and ample space upon which they can work.

School Furniture: Chairs

Chairs play a crucial role in the comfort and productivity of students and staff. Fortunately, at Shiffler Equipment, we offer a diverse variety of chairs for schools, from more traditional desk chairs to stackable chairs and even artistic chairs!

However, not all chairs are created equal. That’s why it’s important to know which type of chair is right for your school. For example, if you’re looking for a traditional desk chair, the Pedagogy Badger 16″ School Chair may be a good fit.

Alternatively, if you want to give your school a more modern feel, the Intellect Wave Cantilever Chair may be the chair that you’re seeking. This stylish chair has a comfortable 18” seat height, it’s exceptionally customizable, and it boasts a chrome book rack for extra storage space!

School Furniture: Tables

We also offer several types of tables for schools that are perfect for everything from classrooms to science labs. Elementary school students may require activity tables, while high school students might benefit from collaborative tables.

Perhaps you’ll want mobile tables or folding tables to optimize the functionality of the space (or to simplify clean up for your facilities maintenance teams). Whatever the application, you can find what you need at Shiffler Equipment.

Find School Furniture and Fixtures at Shiffler Equipment

With an abundance of options for you to choose from, it can become exhausting to determine which are most ideal for your needs. Fortunately, at Shiffler Equipment, we have over 40 years of experience with complete educational furniture, furniture for schools, installations, and furniture-part identification and sourcing.

Innovative, collaborative, durable and smart; these are the guideposts we follow when supplying every chair, desk, table, chair, and storage system under the Shiffler Equipment name. We’re your one-source supplier for classroom furniture, with all of the most popular brands, including:

  • Virco
  • KI
  • Alumni
  • National Public Seating
  • Palmer Hamilton
  • Jonti Craft
  • National Office
  • AmTab
  • Scholar Craft
  • Mitchell
  • Bretford
  • Wisconsin Bench
  • Sico
  • Sedia Seating
  • Midwest Folding Products
  • Correll
  • Kalo Kids
  • Irwin
  • Whitney Brothers

We have a team of experienced installers to handle all school furniture installation projects, and we offer design consulting, turnkey installations, and project financing. For more information on how to design the perfect learning environment for your educational institution with school furniture from Shiffler Equipment, reach out to our team today.