Restroom Products and Parts for Facilities

When assembling a restroom, you want to account for hygiene standards, aesthetics, and logistics. These facilities can be a place of refuge for students needing a break during the day, or for teachers to prepare for an important conference. Investing in high-end bathroom stalls can make a building’s students, administrators, and guests feel reassured, while high-quality products allow maintenance staff to take better care of their restrooms.

From powder-coated steel to solid color phenolic products, we are able to supply and match any materials for new and existing installations. We also stock thousands of bathroom accessories, hardware components & fasteners, and plumbing parts to make easy work of all projects. Don’t forget that we offer full design management and project financing. From Accurate to Zurn, bathroom divider hardware to bathroom partition accessories, we have you covered!

School Bathroom Partitions Promote Privacy & Proper Hygiene

Browse our selection of bathroom accessories for your academic institution. We represent the leading partition, accessory, and hardware manufacturers. These manufacturers include Accurate, AAMCO, Ampco, ASI, Bemis, Bobrick, Fiat, General, Global, Hadrian, Knickerbocker, Koala, Metpar, Mills, Palmer Fixture, PSISC, Rubbermaid, Sanymetal, Scranton Products, Sloan, XL Dryer, Zurn.

Leverage 40+ years of restroom partition, parts & accessories, and installation experience. From manufacturer identification and stocked part/hardware fulfillment to layout and design consulting to turnkey installations…we are your one-stop-shop. With partition parts ranging from grab bars to door pulls, and even coat hooks, we have it all!

Our high-quality products and competitive pricing make us the perfect partner that you can rely on. Whether you repair or replace, relax we have what you need!

Bobrick Restroom Partitions

If you want to trust a reliable product, Bobrick restroom partitions may fit the bill. You can find high-quality items that elevate the space.

Consider, for example, that every bathroom needs a soap dispenser to help visitors keep their hands clean, and schools are no different. The Bobrick Classic Series Vertical Soap Dispenser, 40 Fluid Ounces is corrosion-resistant and can work with different soaps or sanitizers. It will last for a long time. Implement push buttons paired with a stainless steel surface.

If you want to have a similar look for your drying machines, consider the Bobrick Surface-mounted, ADA, Trim Line, Automatic Dryer, 115V. This dryer has a white enamel finish. We recommend installing these after renovations and using these when students, employees and guests have shorter time periods for bathroom breaks.

You’ll want good hooks to help kids and adults wearing coats in cold weather or carrying bags. The Heavy Duty Robe Hook-Exposed Mounting can provide much-needed support when it comes to restroom supplies.

Bathroom Accessories and Restroom Hardware

Toilet Paper Dispensers

Restroom supplies such as toilet paper and paper towels must be kept neat and tidy, ideally under lock. Shiffler offers toilet paper dispensers that do exactly that – whether they are wall mounted dispensers with a concealed lock or even a recessed dispenser, you can keep your bathrooms organized while avoiding theft and destruction. Hand dryers are another way to keep an orderly public bathroom; brushed stainless steel finishes prevent fingerprints and will help save your cleaning staff time.

Soap Dispensers

Soap dispensers are essential bathroom accessories, no matter the size or traffic of your restroom. Restroom supplies, especially bathroom accessories, are often overlooked but having the right soap dispensers can be crucial! They need to be the correct size and style to be mounted the correct distance from the sink. Plus, they need to be accessible for refilling and cleaning. You may even have to content with grab bar placement so having a wide selection of brands and styles to choose from is essential.

Baby Changing Stations

Another key public bathroom accessory are baby changing stations. Baby changing can be a difficult task to manage while out and about. Plus, it needs to be a sanitary and safe place for a baby while a parent manages the task at hand. Baby changing tables are therefore essential and having the right quality cannot be sacrificed when choosing your options. Thankfully, Shiffler offers top brands such as Koala to ensure no matter your choice, your baby changing stations will have the right balance of safety, security, and quality.

Shower Rooms

While a shower room is not always a common bathroom add-on, they are popular in middle schools, high schools, public gyms, and other facilities. Shower rooms do not require as many parts to maintain as a bathroom partition but do have a few associated basics. Grab bars, for example, help prevent slips and are useful for shower navigation. Shower curtains and rods are also a benefit to offer privacy and occupancy.

Restroom Hardware

Restroom hardware can range from a grab bar in an ADA bathroom partition, partition parts in stainless steel, door pulls, kick plates, flush valves, to even coat hooks for the toilet partitions. Toilet partition hardware and installation hardware can be difficult to match. At Shiffler, we not only provide images, sizes, and as much detail as possible, we also provide the brand and style numbers to match to. If you get stuck trying to find the right restroom hardware fit, our knowledgeable staff is here to help!

Find Restroom Partitions for Your School at Shiffler Equipment

Shiffler Equipment Sales offers a full line of restroom partitions, bath accessories, hardware, tools, and plumbing parts. We represent all types of partition materials from the leading manufacturers. You can invest in standard colors or upgrade to international standards for global washroom accessories.

To find out more about how you can upgrade traditional partitions in a restroom for your next project, please reach out to us today. When you want a company delivering superior products and design options, Shiffler Equipment is ready to help you with washroom accessories and toilets.

Urinal Partitions

We offer all the hardware you need for complete urinal partitions. Whether you need a panel, a door, pilasters, urinal screens, or other components, we are your go-to for these kinds of special-purpose bathroom partition hardware.


Commercial bathroom stalls need to offer a certain level of privacy to all who may use them. Beyond that, the door to a bathroom stall must provide resistance to impact, corrosion, and vandalism. As your bathroom partition experts, we can help you select the right doors for school, hospital, and restaurant bathroom partitions, among others.


Selecting the right partition material is just as important as settling on the form factor. Whether plastic laminate or another material choice is most appropriate for your bathroom stalls, we will ensure that you get panels that are easy to clean, while providing the privacy and protection you need.

Bathroom Partitions FAQ

What Are Some of the Biggest Names in Bathroom Partitions?

Whether it's getting a coated powder-coated metal component or a durable, solid plastic laminate panel for toilet partitions, selecting the right brand is essential to the best results.

Among some of the top brands for your bathroom partition panels and accessories are Global Partitions, Bobrick, Scranton Products, Inc., and American Specialties Inc.

What If I Haven't Settled on a Design for My Toilet Compartments?

As is the case with other bathroom partitions, settling on the design for your toilet partitions is rarely, if ever, an easy task. Thankfully, however, you don't need to do it all on your own.

Lean on the services of Shiffler Equipment. We do more than just provide superior products for bathroom stalls. A part of our model involves delivering tremendous design options.

Our only interest is your satisfaction, meaning we will help you where necessary to ensure that your toilet partitions are configured to your liking.

Are Products for Shower Stalls Offered?

Yes. While other kinds of bathroom stalls are more common, they are common in certain contexts, such as gyms and schools. Thankfully, the number of components needed is much lower than that of a standard bathroom partition.

Nevertheless, we offer brackets, shelves, latches, and grab bars, alongside a collection of other accessories.

Which Bathroom Partition Door Material Is Best?

There is no objective answer to this as different bathroom partitions will be in different contexts and it will depend on the project. Some of the standard options available are solid plastic polymer, phenolic, stainless steel, powder-coated steel, and baked enamel steel.

What Are the Most Important Things to Consider about a Restroom Stall Partition?

Whether you're thinking of toilet partitions, urinal screens, or other elements, your main considerations should always be privacy, protection, durability, and design aesthetic. At Shiffler Equipment, we focus on solutions that check all boxes.

Are Phenolic Toilet Partitions Good?

Yes. The manufacturing process includes heat and pressure application, which creates a material that is extremely moldable and durable. It's an excellent choice for toilet partitions and other bathroom stalls.

How Do Toilet Partition Experts Help Me from End to End?

At Shiffler Equipment, our service consists of stocking and providing top-tier products for your bathroom partitions. Additionally, we also assist in helping you realize the design for your eventual bathroom stall configuration.

Apart from Traditional Bathroom Stalls, What Else Does Shiffler Equipment Help with?

We offer a full suite of hardware for bathroom partitions and other elements of the restroom. For example, baby changing tables, soap dispensers, fasteners, and plumbing parts are also a part of our vast collection.