Cafeteria Tables for Schools, Food Courts, and Dining Areas

The dining area is a vital component for many organizations, such as schools, hospitals, and community centers. Lunch tables and cafeteria tables provide the perfect place to eat, socialize, and relax for employees, patients, or guests.

Because of this importance, it’s advisable that you invest in the best solution for your cafeteria from the beginning. That way, you can reduce maintenance and safety expenditures in the future, such as replacement lunch tables or cafeteria tables.

Fortunately, at Shiffler Equipment, we offer new cafeteria tables, chairs, and parts for organizations large and small. Our expansive selection of lunch tables includes everything from simple round tables to long, folding tables that can be easily removed, convertible bench cafeteria tables, and stool seating — whatever you require for your dining or school cafeteria needs, you’ve found yourself in the perfect place.

Cafeteria Tables and Chairs

In fact, we offer everything you require to keep your cafeteria operations running at optimal efficiency. That includes round tables, rectangle tables, folding tables, and benches of any style or color to complement the rest of your décor or existing lunch tables or cafeteria tables.

Whether it’s a complete table set up with our high-quality casters, or replacement parts for keeping your current stock well-maintained, we can help you meet the specific needs of your company. The diversity of our cafeteria table catalog equips you with the versatility to fill any dining space efficiently.

When it comes to cafeteria tables, there are a few things to consider. You have to find the best table for the dimensions of your space, as well as for accommodating diners and simplifying janitorial processes.

School Cafeteria Tables

School cafeterias can vary wildly in size, shape, and usage. Some may require space to accommodate multiple lines, while others may also serve as an auditorium or dance space.

For dining areas that serve several functions, you may require tables with wheels for maximum portability, or tables that fold to maximize the free space. Either option is ideal for facilitating effortless clean up and maintenance of the floor space in your dining area. Amtab cafeteria tables, for example, are mobile tables with various edge-finish options.

Further customization comes in the form of the seating; would benches or stools better serve the needs of your school? Perhaps neither works best and, instead, you prefer to source seating separately by opting for seatless tables?

Lunchroom Tables

Just as school cafeteria furniture comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, lunch tables are extremely versatile and can suit your office lunch room space with ease. Shiffler offers a wide selection of cafeteria tables that can function as a lunchroom table. We also carry the leading manufacturers, such as Palmer Hamilton cafeteria tables.

Types of Cafeteria Furniture

There are many types of lunch tables and cafeteria tables so it is important to be a knowledgeable shopper. Stool tables are the most common type of school cafeteria tables. They allow students to have their own individual, designated space.

Attached seating are some of the most popular style of cafeteria tables. This includes but is not limited to attached stools and attached bench tables.

Folding cafeteria tables are not only functional, but they also take up much less space than typical lunch tables. Convertible bench cafeteria tables serve a similar purpose in that they can switch from being used as lunch tables but double as additional bench seating.

Cafeteria Parts for Tables and Seating

In addition to cafeterias tables and seating, we also offer a wide selection of replacement parts for a variety of cafeteria products. This includes everything from table tops, torsion bars, and casters to stool tops and cylinder locks. Even if you come to us with only partial product specifications, our knowledgeable staff can help match your lunch tables replacement parts.

If your organization requires folding tables, we even offer rubber-tipped safety latches to ensure they stay secured in place. Alternatively, should you simply need to repair the safety latches on your equipment, you can rely on our latch spring kits to keep your tables in service. If you are looking for a specific brand of cafeteria table replacement parts, we either have them available on site or can source them for you. We offer parts from the leading manufacturers, including Palmer Hamilton.

Dine in Comfort with Cafeteria Furniture from Shiffler Equipment

Shiffler Equipment has cafeteria dining tables, food court furniture, and the food service equipment you need to provide a pleasant, productive, and rejuvenating atmosphere. Our extensive line of cafeteria tables includes: on-wall and in-wall tables, mobile cafeteria tables, food court designs, and café and banquet tables.

We provide a wide selection to ensure we fit the unique needs of your school or business. If you have a multipurpose room, our foldable tables are the perfect solution to get as much use out of one area as possible. Whether you need long tables or smaller units, we have options for you to choose from that will work best with your students or employees.

Even better, our team is committed to simplifying your procurement experience. We understand that outfitting the dining area in your organization can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. For help sourcing and securing excellent choices of cafeteria tables and equipment to optimize your space, reach out to our team today.

Are You Trying to Find the Perfect Cafeteria Tables?

Shopping for the ideal mobile cafeteria tables might seem quite daunting. From folding mobile cafeteria tables to lunchroom tables, there are so many options to choose from. Luckily for you, we have a range of high-quality mobile lunch tables that can cater to your needs (quite literally)!

Our Convertible Tables Come in Various Shapes and Sizes

We offer benches, tables, and chairs in a variety of sizes and forms because every school cafeteria can be arranged individually. The majority of our tables are the conventional rectangular shape; however, we also offer circular tables and a few other interesting shapes. 

A Shiffler Equipment, you have a wide selection of café tables to pick from.

We also offer more unusual choices, such as convertible bench cafeteria tables, which can function as either a bench back or tabletop. These are great options for schools that use the cafeteria as a multipurpose break room, such as an auditorium. 

From National Public Seating to Palmer and Mitchell, we have a wide selection of lunchroom tables for you to choose from!

Space-saving School Furniture

Are you struggling to find the right furniture for your school? If you want to make transportation simple, ensure easy cleaning, eliminate the heavy lifting, and get a few extra features, we have just the tables for you. 

Schools with limited space can benefit greatly from using folding lunch tables; for instance, it's imperative to have tables that can fold and roll for simple storage if you share a space with a lunchroom and gym. Many of these collapsible school cafeteria tables have wheels for ease of moving to the storage area as an added convenience.

It's time to say goodbye to overpacked cafeterias and hello to convenience. With these bench tables, you'll never have to worry about space again!