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Building and Grounds

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Building and Grounds for Schools

Shiffler Equipment Sales offers a wide variety of items to help you create a safe, effective, attractive and well-maintained facility.  We carry a large selection of indoor and outdoor floor mats, lighting covers, material handling equipment, stair tread, gym floor covering plus protective wall and corner covers.

For outdoor areas we carry a large selection of playground equipment, benches, tables, bike racks, skate stoppers, trash receptacles, and parking lot curbs and stencils.  Browse through our extensive product offerings today.  We have partnered with industry-leading manufacturers such as Ultra Play, Andersen Mat, Rubbermaid, RC Musson, Raymond Products, and Coversports to bring you the building and grounds maintenance products you need. 

Leverage 40+ years of building and grounds experience, in-stock shipping programs, competitive prices, design consulting, and our network of professional installers. Our high-quality products and competitive pricing make us the perfect partner you need. Whether you repair or replace, relax we have what you need!

What are building and ground products for schools?

Building and ground products are devices, equipment, and materials that are used to maintain the physical infrastructure of schools. These products include but are not limited to door holders, equipment movers, entrance mats, garbage cans, and outdoor furniture.

Why are building and ground products important for schools?

Building and ground products are important for schools because they help to maintain a safe, functional, and comfortable environment for students and staff. These products help to prevent injuries, reduce strain on staff members, and protect the school's flooring and walls from damage.

What are door holders and how are they used in schools?

Door holders are small devices that are used to hold doors open, preventing them from slamming shut and causing damage or injury. In schools, door holders are particularly useful in areas where doors are constantly being opened and closed, such as classrooms and hallways.

What are equipment movers and how are they used in schools?

Equipment movers are devices that are used to move heavy equipment around the school, such as desks, chairs, and other furniture. In schools, equipment movers are used to reduce the risk of injury and strain on staff members who may be required to move heavy items on a regular basis.

What should schools consider when selecting building and ground products?

Schools should consider their specific needs when selecting building and ground products. For example, a school with a high volume of foot traffic may require more durable entrance mats, while a school with limited storage space may require equipment movers that can be easily stored when not in use.

Where can schools purchase building and ground products?

Building and ground products for schools can be purchased from us here at Shiffler Equipment! Schools should look for reputable suppliers like us that offer high-quality products and excellent customer service.