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Bathroom Partition Hardware

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Partition Hardware


If this is your first bathroom project, you may be confused about where to start. A lot goes into building a functional bathroom with style. Use this Q&A as a starting point for building out bathroom partitions and their corresponding hardware.


What Is Bathroom Partition Hardware?


Bathroom partition hardware, also known as toilet partition hardware, is the collection of puzzle pieces needed to construct a restroom. These can be for the entire room or a part of it, such as a bathroom stall. Without the proper toilet partition hardware, a bathroom project like bathroom partitions cannot be completed.


As an example of partitions, think of a lock on a bathroom door. There are two main parts. One is the handle, knob, or latch used to open and restrict access in the stall or room. The other part consists of the screws that secure the lock to the stall doors or wall. Neither of these parts can be taken apart further, making them both hardware parts or partition hardware.


What Kind of Bathroom Stall Hardware Do You Sell?


We have hundreds of bathroom partitions and hardware options to browse. To facilitate your search, here are our categories:

  • Latches for inswing and outswing doors

  • Hinges for latches

  • Cover latch with a cast stainless steel finish

  • Complete door kit, including an outswing door kit

  • Square edge doors with stamped stainless steel construction for bathroom toilet stalls

  • Floor-mounted pilaster urinal screens

  • Door pulls for stalls

  • Double-door pulls for entry doors

  • Modern or old-style lock

  • Pilaster post shoe

  • Hinge insert replacements

  • Bracket kits


What Kind of Bathroom Partition Hardware Do I Need?


If you are working on bathroom partitions for a public restroom with multiple toilets, you need partition doors for each bathroom stall. A door kit will help you install one if you are starting from scratch.


High-quality security screws are also necessary to prevent a loose cover latch or broken hinges. You can usually find hardware screws included in kits.


Beyond these essentials, what you need will depend on how much of the bathroom is complete. Refer to the list of categories above to ensure you have one of each major part.


What Features Can Toilet Partition Hardware Have?


There is variability among partition hardware for bathroom partitions. Some features are for practical use while others are more cosmetic. As you shop for bathroom partitions, keep these qualities in mind.

  • Full-length continuous hinge

  • Several materials to choose from for each partition type. An example of this is classic plastic vs cast stainless steel plated hinges.

  • Single or double-door pulls

  • Shape variations to suit your needs. For example, a post shoe square edge offers more room in a rectangular restroom toilet stall.

  • Hassle-free installation for simple bathroom stall hardware or a more arduous installation process for complex partitions

  • A complete door kit containing all the necessary toilet partition hardware to get started


What Comes Included in Toilet Partition Hardware?


What you receive in your shipment will depend on what specific product you bought. In general, you can expect...

  • Every kit includes security screws or mounted flat screws

  • Certain kits have included double-door pulls

  • Installation instructions for each product

  • Besides kits, each partition is sold separately to let you choose only what you need.


Does Toilet Partition Hardware Require Assembly?


No, it does not. Individual partitions are already the simplest parts. Other than when they are part of a kit, they are sold separately. While you don't need to assemble the toilet partition hardware, you do need to use it in conjunction with other pieces to build a finished product.


You may be wondering why partitions are sold separately if they always need to be combined. In most bathroom projects, only specific restroom stall hardware is needed. This is typically after a latch breaks or the square edge doors become damaged. Rather than rebuilding the entire bathroom, you can purchase the individual parts you need.


When we sell partitions separately, we also allow you to stock up on backups. It's easier to have an extra diameter hinge pin than to rebuy an entire kit. If there aren't backup hardware screws included, you don't have to purchase the item again. Keep a few wrap hinges in a storage closet instead of getting another door kit.


In addition to having extras, selling partitions separately is perfect for people needing to update their toilet partition hardware. Swap the plastic coat hook for a chrome-plated finish. Throw out all the rotting wood for stainless steel stalls.


Individual partitions allow you to customize the bathroom without sacrificing function. Mix plastic toilet partition hardware from a door kit with metal security fasteners. If you want to add a post, cast stainless steel is still available even in a plastic bathroom. Mix and match to find the best deals and create a unique style.


How Do I Install Restroom Stall Hardware?


Here are some tips to keep in mind as you begin your bathroom project:

  • Read the instructions for each product. Latch assembly and other product installation may vary based on if you have an old style or a modern one.

  • Pay attention to the factory part number if provided in your door kit instructions

  • Be careful not to lose any hardware screws included

  • If there are no hardware screws included, measure the hole spacing to determine what size security screws to buy.

  • The ear pilaster bracket kit includes instructions and hardware screws for easy installation.

  • Bracket kits can be good practice before you move on to the door kit.

  • What a door kit includes will depend on which kit you selected.

  • With any style, door kits should include detailed instructions.

  • Study the pictures shown to ensure accurate partition doors and other proper placements.

  • Keep track of the security hardware fasteners included in the bracket kit. These are used to mount either a two-ear bracket or a one-eared bracket, depending on your selection. A two-eared bracket provides extra stability but may limit your customization options.


What Kind of Toilet Partition Hardware Is Best for a New Public Restroom?


The best bathroom stall hardware for your bathroom partitions will depend on what your goals are. Do you want a sleek, modern bathroom that's easy to clean and durable? Go for cast stainless steel plated partitions. Do you prefer a milder look with a warmer feel? You may want to use other materials, such as plastic.


What Is the Appeal of Cast Stainless Steel Hardware?


One of the perks of cast stainless steel plated hardware is its durability. Solid plastic partitions typically wear more easily. The heavy-duty continuous effort by stainless steel partitions is unmatched.


If you want something similar to stainless steel, try chrome-plated Zamac hardware. Chrome has many of the same features but is made of a different material.


What Should I Know Before Buying Toilet Partition Hardware?


Before starting any building project, you should always know the specifications you need. Take detailed measurements of your bathroom stalls and bathroom partitions to guarantee you buy accurate partition doors and parts.


You should also make sure you have a backup flathead latch screw and other security screws. While screws are usually included with applicable partition hardware, it is easy to lose some as you work. Even if you keep track of every screw, having extras will be helpful when the bathroom eventually needs updates or repairs.


Consider what type you need. Do you want an old-style latch or a modern latch cover? Is plastic or stainless steel your preference? Which products would require a second pair of hands?


What If I Purchase the Wrong Toilet Partition Hardware?


Sometimes, measurements can be a bit off or we misunderstand the listed specifications. If you order the wrong product for your bathroom partitions, don't worry. Call customer service at 800.547.153 or send us an email at c.service@shifflerequip.com as soon as possible. Products that have not been used or opened are eligible for free returns.


Do You Offer Any Other Bathroom Partition Hardware?


You can view the extensive catalog of our partition hardware. We have hundreds of options to choose from. You can also shop for an accessory item to complete your bathroom project.


What Are the Most Important Washroom Accessories for Partition Wall Hardware?


We have a variety of options for bathroom partitions and accessories, but start by installing these basics:

  • Individual coat hooks for each bathroom stall or a coat rack near the entryway. Coat hooks can also be placed directly outside the restroom.

  • Toilet paper holders

  • A door stop for the entryway