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Health & Safety Signs for Schools

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Safety Signs for Schools You Need to Get Today!


Frequently Asked Questions About School Safety Signs

School safety signs should never be missing from your institution. While some signs may be for simple tasks like guiding students to a certain room, others like emergency fire exits can make your school building, overall, safer.

Our signs are made from industrial-grade materials, which means you won't have to worry about them getting worn out over time. Even if you want to get a sign to remind students to clean their classroom desks, we encourage you to get these school signs as soon as possible to make your students informed.

If you want to get the best school safety sign but don't know where to start, keep reading this FAQ section, as we outlined some common concerns people tend to have about mandatory or optional school safety signs.

Should You Get a School Safety Sign?

The short answer is yes. You must get school safety signs for your students, visitors, and staff. Many states mandate schools have appropriate safety signs to ensure that their entire school zone is safe. 

Aside from keeping people safer, safety signs also promote your school's identity. Some choose to add the logo of their school to the signs, making them even more noticeable.

Your signs should always be highly visible and extremely durable. Even an "Entering School Building" sign should be in good shape.

Some popular signs include:

  • Signs for mandatory temperature checks 

  • Face mask or face-covering wall signs

  • Social distancing signs

  • Closed landscape signs

  • Hazard signs

  • Exit signs

  • And more

We have a wide range of industrial-grade materials for you to consider, so whether you want a standard wall sign for students to wear a face mask or something more specific, check out our page.

Why Would You Replace Your Old School Safety Signs?

Chances are that you already have safety signs on your institution, as it's mandatory by law. However, you should consider checking your safety signage at least once a year for several reasons.

Some of these reasons include:

  • Your signs are fading, which means they're becoming harder to read.

  • Your school has new hazards, so you must get new school signs for them.

  • You don't have ADA-compliant school safety signs.

  • Someone vandalized your school safety signs.

  • Your school signs don't meet OSHA standards.

If you can identify with one of these reasons and want to keep your school safe, then make sure to check out our products made of industrial-grade materials. 

Some people get a sign with an icon to show certain details, so don't hesitate to browse our website to find a suitable icon to keep your school safe.

What Are OSHA Safety Signs?

OSHA stands for "Occupational Safety and Health Administration," and it's an agency that asks for certain requirements for institutions to keep a safe environment for everyone who goes into them.

Overall, OSHA school signs are classified into four primary categories:

  • Warning - Medium-grade hazard level between danger and caution.

  • Danger - Immediate danger or major hazard.

  • Notice - General safety suggestions.

  • Caution - Small warning regarding potential or minor hazards.

You should place these signs accordingly, depending on the type of hazard. If your signs don't have the required components, you could face problems with the law. However, our signs with industrial-grade materials have everything you need to become OSHA-compliant.

What Are the Main Safety Signs for a School?

OSHA signs apply for any kind of institution, but are these the same for school signs? In essence, yes.

Your school should have:

  • Danger signs

  • Warning signs

  • Notice signs

  • Caution signs

  • Safety instruction signs

A notice sign can be something like a board bus portrait, for example, whereas a danger wall sign can point out a major hazard in the building, which people should avoid.

Overall, you should place each floor/wall sign according to your building's hazards and instructions. While most institutions share similar precautions, your school may have some particular ones that should always get addressed with signs made from industrial-grade materials.

If you're looking for the right wall sign, then we have got you covered. We also have signs made from industrial-grade materials that you can use for many different purposes, including:

  • Fire lane wall sign

  • "Do not block" wall sign

  • "No alcohol or drugs" wall sign

  • "No firearms" wall sign

  • and more

We also have floor sign adhesives you can place in any area of your building. These are common in areas where you want to suggest social distance. In these cases, a wall sign may not do such a good job since people won't be able to measure the distance you want to put between them; you can measure yourself with the help of these adhesives.

What Shape Should You Use for Your School Signs?

As you may already know, aside from your average sticker, you can find school signs in many shapes. Main school, classroom, and door signs often come in the shape of a regular wall sign. However, warning signs often come in triangle or upward pentagon shapes.

It all depends on how noticeable you want your signs to be. If you just want something to ask people for face-covering masks, then a wall sign could be more than enough. Our products made of industrial-grade materials will do the job.

The Importance of Safety Signage for Schools:

Risk Mitigation:

Safety signage serves as a visual reminder of potential hazards and risks within school premises. By highlighting danger zones, such as slippery floors or construction areas, safety signage helps mitigate accidents and injuries.

Emergency Preparedness:

In the event of an emergency, clear and well-placed safety signage provides vital information on evacuation routes, assembly points, and first aid locations. This ensures a swift and organized response during critical situations.

Regulatory Compliance:

Safety signage plays a crucial role in ensuring schools meet regulatory compliance standards. Displaying mandated health & safety signs helps schools adhere to safety regulations and avoid potential penalties.

Promoting Safety Awareness:

Safety signage fosters a culture of safety awareness among students, staff, and visitors. Regular exposure to safety messages reinforces responsible behavior and encourages proactive risk avoidance.

Visitor Guidance:

Safety signage also aids visitors in navigating the school premises. With clear directional signs and building maps, newcomers can find their way easily, reducing confusion and potential security issues.

Our Comprehensive Safety Signage Solutions:

Health & Safety Signs:

We offer an array of health & safety signs, including "Caution," "Warning," and "Danger" signs. These signs alert individuals to potential hazards and emphasize the importance of safety precautions.

Emergency Exit Signs:

Our emergency exit signs provide clear guidance for evacuation routes, ensuring a quick and orderly evacuation during emergencies.

Fire Safety Signs:

Promote fire safety awareness with our fire safety signs, indicating fire extinguisher locations, fire alarm pull stations, and fire exit routes.

Instructional Signs:

Our instructional signs offer essential guidance on proper procedures, from handwashing instructions to guidelines for using equipment safely.

Custom Signage:

Tailor safety signage to your school's specific needs with custom safety signage solutions. Personalize signs with your school logo and specific safety messages for enhanced effectiveness.