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School Chairs

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Classroom Chairs & School Chairs

As a school administrator or facilities manager, it’s vital that you equip your students and staff of adults with the best tools to maximize their productivity. When it comes to furnishing classrooms, there are many different factors and options to consider.

One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is what type of school chairs to use in your class. Not only will comfortable and functional school chairs promote better learning, they’ll also help keep your staff and students healthy and happy.

Today, there are many types of school chairs available on the market. No longer are you limited to the traditional black school chairs, most styles come in assorted colors. Fortunately, at Shiffler Equipment, we offer a diverse selection of chairs, stools, and seating for a wide variety of educational institutions available for purchase online at any time. Our price and shipping speeds are unmatchable for any budget and we pride ourselves on offering all key brands to ensure you find the ideal match for student chairs that will suit your existing (or future) desk styles, too. checkout our school chairs collection:

What is the best material for school chairs?

When choosing a school chair to suit your specific classroom's needs, material is the most important of the categories. The material helps determine the longevity and durability of the school chairs, the style, and of course the functionality. Most school chairs are metal based to make them durable, so the finish then becomes the deciding factor.

A chrome frame with a shiny finish, for example, offers durability but may show signs of scratching over time. A student chair may benefit from a black frame instead as it will better hide usage. Student chairs may have soft plastic seats which provide comfort as well as flexibility. They can bend and flex with the kids and thus avoids cracking like their more firm plastic counterparts. 

Regardless of the base and seat material of your school chair, be sure to outfit your student chair feet with nylon glides to protect your school and classroom floors. Every brand chair has a unique chair base. There are a variety of styles of black nylon glides to fit your school chair, many of which can be found under our other categories, such as the floor protection section.

What is the average seat height for most school chairs?

If your school chairs are going to be used in high schools, we recommend an 18" seat height for the average school chair. This seat height will pair with most desk options. However, if you are purchasing for elementary schools, the average seat height is 12" or less if you are furnishing a classroom for kindergarten age. If you are using your student chairs across multiple rooms or age groups, adjustable height stools may better suit your needs. 

What is the ideal style of school chair?

Depending on your area of use at your school, there are several key styles of school chairs that lend themselves to school or classroom functionality:

Tablet Arm Chairs

For classrooms with limited space, a common solution is to design a layout using tablet arm chairs. This will help maximize space by not having to arrange separate chairs and desks. Be sure to look for adjustable height options for the tablet arm for the ideal fit.

Stackable Chairs

If you often rearrange your classroom or need to move everything at the end of the day to prepare for cleaning, stackable chairs are the best solution. You can choose a lightweight stackable chair so kids can help move and stack the chairs themselves. Each chair is designed with the ideal height to allow for secure and easy stacking.

Mobile Chairs

For the ultimate versatility and functionality, look no further than mobile chairs for your school purchase. Featuring wheels or glides, they are an easy and ideal option for a school chair. While they are a common piece of furniture for teachers, mobile chairs are becoming more common as student chairs. 

Available in assorted colors, a variety of brands, and different case pack sizes, you are sure to find the right school chairs to buy for your school. Whether you need to pack them away in a high stack, choose a style based on functionality, or need to meet durability requirements in a common school area, place your purchase orders for any quantity online via Shiffler. We guarantee our prices and will guide you through relevant information and details to match the attributes and style of school chairs for you.

All kids deserve the ideal school chair that benefits them as a student in class. Regardless of the brand or assorted colors of choice, Shiffler has your ideal school chair to order and is here to help find it or answer questions, either online or by phone. You can buy online by adding your student chairs to your cart, logging into your account, paying by credit card or purchase order, or by calling in by phone for purchase.