Portable Stages

Portable Stages and Portable Risers from Shiffler Equipment

When most people think of stage equipment for schools, they think of things like microphones, speakers, and lights. However, there is one piece of equipment that is often overlooked but can be just as important: the stage itself.

A good stage can make all the difference in the success or failure of a graduation ceremony, performance, or presentation. That’s why more and more schools are investing in portable stage equipment.

What are Portable Stages?

In fact, they’re exactly what they sound like! Moveable stages have wheels so that they can be installed, utilized, and removed with minimal effort, while also providing a secure platform for school events.

Faculty and staff can host graduation & commencement ceremonies and provide valuable presentations, while students can offer performances for others to enjoy. They’re extreme movability provides several exceptional benefits, including:

  • Versatility
  • Conservation of Limited Space
  • Improved Organization
  • Decreased Output & Increased Productivity
  • Outstanding Customizability

They can be removed quickly and easily, allowing your facilities maintenance team to clean, organize, and maintain a space more efficiently. With a portable outdoor stage, the decision is in your hands whether to stay indoors, or to take today’s lesson out into the sun.

Moveable Stages vs. Portable Risers: What are Stage Risers?

A “stage riser” is often used to refer to any low-height portable stage on wheels. In fact, the similarities between the two terms mean they’ve become interchangeable.

Benefits of Portable Stage Platforms from Shiffler Equipment

As we mentioned briefly before, there are several benefits to these stages that render them invaluable to schools and educational institutions. If you’re looking for a solution for where to host this year’s graduation, performances, presentations, and lessons, then look no further.

At Shiffler Equipment, we have an expansive selection of excellent equipment for optimizing space in your school. Consider these 5 benefits of opting for a mobile stage.

Versatility Means that You’re Never Caught Off-Guard

Portable stages and risers can be used for a variety of purposes in any educational setting. Whether you need an elevated platform for celebrating graduation, or you want to create a more engaging learning environment by using stairs and tiers, portable stages and risers are the perfect solution.

Conservation of Limited Space: More Learning & More Storage

Smaller institutions don’t require separate rooms to serve as their auditorium and cafeteria. Combine portable stage units with mobile cafeteria tables to tackle disparate applications within a single space.

Improved Organization Optimizes Every Space for Efficiency

Simple installation, removal, and maintenance means there’s no excuse for disorganization! Rearrange your mobile stages with ease, whether they’re deployed or in storage.

Decreased Effort & Increased Productivity: Less Time Tearing Down

Portable stages and risers are incredibly easy to set up and take down, so they are perfect for use in busy school settings. You can have them up in no time, and when you’re done, you can quickly pack them away without any hassle.

This decreases the effort required for your facilities management team to install and remove them. Minimizing output results in improved productivity as your team can devote more time and energy to other tasks.

Outstanding Customization to Serve the Needs of Any School

Perhaps the best advantage of mobile risers is that you can construct the perfect portable stage platform for your presentation, lesson, or commencement ceremony. With many diverse designs available at Shiffler Equipment, you’re empowered to develop the best stage for captivating your audience.

Stay Mobile with Portable Stage Units from Shiffler Equipment

As any facilities maintenance operator can tell you, anything that serves multiple purposes is advantageous. Many institutions build stationary stages in their auditorium, but this results in a room with a single purpose, and one which is likely to go unused quite often.

If you have the choice, opting for portability provides you with an abundance of exceptional advantages that you shouldn’t pass up. However, even schools with auditorium facilities can benefit from investing in a mobile solution.

Fortunately, if you’re considering this option, then you’re in the right place; the best portable stages are at Shiffler Equipment. To find out more about how portable stages and portable risers can optimize the operations at your school, reach out to our team today.