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Casters & Wheels

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Furniture Casters for Schools & Offices at Shiffler Equipment

Are you in search of high-quality casters for furniture to significantly enhance mobility within your space? Our wide-ranging collection features an array of meticulously crafted casters for furniture, seamlessly combining functional superiority with stylish aesthetics. Whether you're aiming to effortlessly relocate weighty furniture items or to give your furnishings a fresh, appealing look, our diverse selection of casters for furniture is precisely tailored to address your requirements. With various sizes, materials, and designs available among our casters for furniture, you'll undoubtedly discover the perfect match that not only complements your furniture's appearance but also ensures a consistently smooth and durable movement. Transform your furniture's adaptability and overall appeal by exploring our premium-grade casters for furniture today.

Casters for furniture are important for many reasons. From protecting the floor to maximizing the mobility of your furniture and chairs, you want to have the right furniture caster wheels.

Fortunately, you can find a wide selection with Shiffler Equipment. We carry many types, including nylex casters, pneumatic casters, hard and soft casters, small caster wheels, and so many more.

These incredible wheels protect your floor from naked furniture legs that will scrape and scuff a hard surface floor. Save your money on replacements and repairs by getting the right furniture and chair caster wheels today.

School Furniture Casters

Furniture wheels and chair casters are the unsung heroes of any educational institution. These small but important pieces of equipment make a big difference when it comes to enhancing functionality and comfort in classrooms, offices, hallways, cafeterias, studios, and more.

However, not all furniture wheels and chair casters are created equal. To choose the right ones for your school or office you must take many different factors into consideration, including:

  • wheel size and shape;
  • caster type;
  • material composition;
  • wheel bearings (or lack thereof);
  • weight capacity;
  • locking mechanism(s) on the caster legs;
  • traction level on the floor surface being traversed by the caster’s wheel(s).

Once you have a better understanding of what your classrooms and school office furniture requires, you can rely on our expansive selection of caster wheels for the upgrade they need.

Maximize Mobility with Furniture Wheels from Shiffler Equipment

If you’re the facilities manager of an educational institution, then there’s a non-zero chance that you have to move and organize the school furniture quite often. You can improve operations — and save money — by maximizing the portability of your school office & classroom furniture.

This also boosts productivity because it reduces the effort required by you and your facilities maintenance team. No longer must you delay as you wait for a team member to return with a cart; instead, you’ll have already moved onto your next project.

It’s surprising how even the smallest changes can make huge impacts on our daily routines. To learn more about how furniture wheels and chair casters can improve efficiency by enhancing mobility, reach out to our team today.

Benefits of Furniture with Wheels

Furniture with wheels, also known as caster wheels, can offer a range of benefits in various settings, including homes, offices, and schools. Here are some of the key advantages of furniture with wheels:

Easy Mobility: One of the primary benefits of furniture with wheels is that it can be easily moved around, making it an ideal solution for spaces that require frequent rearrangement. For example, chairs with caster wheels can be quickly and easily moved from one place to another without the need for lifting or dragging.

Flexibility and Versatility: Furniture with wheels can be used in a variety of different settings and can be easily adapted to different purposes. For example, a table with caster wheels can be used as a workspace, a dining table, or even as a temporary storage solution.

Space Saving: Furniture with wheels can be easily moved out of the way when not in use, which can help to save space in small or crowded areas. This is particularly useful in settings like offices, where space is often at a premium.

Improved Ergonomics: Furniture with wheels can help to improve ergonomics in the workplace by reducing the need for employees to reach or stretch to access items. For example, a mobile cart with wheels can be used to store and transport heavy items, reducing the risk of injury.

Easy Maintenance: Furniture with wheels is often easier to clean and maintain than furniture without wheels. This is because furniture with wheels can be moved out of the way to access hard-to-reach areas, making it easier to clean and maintain.

In summary, furniture with wheels can offer a range of benefits in various settings, from improved mobility and flexibility to improved ergonomics and easy maintenance. Whether you are looking for office furniture, home furniture, or school furniture, furniture with wheels can be a practical and versatile solution.

Caster Wheels for School Furniture

Caster wheels are a type of wheel that is mounted to the bottom of an object, allowing it to move easily in any direction. They are commonly found on furniture, carts, and other objects that need to be moved frequently.

Caster wheels typically consist of a wheel or ball that is attached to a metal frame, which is then mounted to the bottom of the object. The frame also contains a mechanism that allows the wheel or ball to rotate freely, making it easy to maneuver the object in any direction.

There are many different types of caster wheels available, each designed to suit different needs and applications. For example, some caster wheels are designed for heavy-duty use and can support significant weight, while others are more suited for lighter loads.

One of the key advantages of caster wheels is their ability to make it easier to move heavy objects. By providing a smooth, rolling surface, they reduce the amount of friction between the object and the ground, making it easier to push or pull the object.

Caster wheels can also be useful for reducing the risk of injury when moving heavy objects. By eliminating the need to lift and carry the object, they can reduce the risk of back strain, muscle pulls, and other injuries.

Overall, caster wheels are a versatile and practical solution for many different types of objects and applications. Whether you're looking to move heavy furniture or create a mobile workstation, there's sure to be a set of caster wheels that can help you get the job done quickly and easily.

Industrial Wheels for Furniture

Industrial wheels for furniture, also known as caster wheels, are designed to provide mobility and ease of movement for various types of furniture in industrial and commercial settings. These wheels are built to withstand heavy loads, rough surfaces, and frequent use, making them ideal for furniture in warehouses, factories, workshops, and other industrial environments. Here are some key aspects and benefits of using industrial wheels for furniture:

Load Capacity and Durability: Industrial wheels are designed to support heavy loads and withstand rigorous conditions. They are typically made from high-quality materials such as steel, cast iron, or heavy-duty plastic, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. These wheels can withstand the weight of heavy furniture items and equipment, making them suitable for industrial applications.

Smooth and Easy Movement: The primary purpose of industrial wheels is to facilitate smooth and effortless movement of furniture. The wheels feature precision bearings and swivel mechanisms that allow for easy maneuverability, even in tight spaces. This enables users to transport furniture and equipment with minimal effort, reducing the need for heavy lifting or pushing.

Versatility and Compatibility: Industrial wheels for furniture are available in a variety of sizes, configurations, and styles, allowing for compatibility with different types of furniture. They can be attached to workbenches, storage racks, carts, cabinets, and other industrial furniture items. With various mounting options available, including plate mounts and threaded stems, industrial wheels can be easily integrated into existing furniture or equipment setups.

Floor Protection: Industrial wheels for furniture are designed with materials and treads that minimize damage to floors. They feature non-marking or low-marking rubber, polyurethane, or nylon treads that provide traction and protect the floor surface from scratches, scuffs, and marks. This is particularly important in industrial environments where heavy furniture or equipment may be moved frequently.

Locking Mechanisms: Many industrial wheels for furniture are equipped with locking mechanisms that provide stability and security when furniture needs to remain stationary. These brakes or locks can be engaged to prevent unwanted movement, ensuring the safety of furniture and preventing accidents or damage.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity: The mobility provided by industrial wheels for furniture enhances efficiency and productivity in industrial environments. Workers can easily reconfigure furniture layouts, transport equipment, or access storage areas without time-consuming manual effort. This improves workflow, reduces downtime, and increases overall productivity in the workplace.

Safety and Ergonomics: Industrial wheels for furniture contribute to workplace safety and ergonomics. By reducing the need for manual lifting and pushing of heavy furniture, they help minimize the risk of strain or injury to workers. The smooth movement and easy maneuverability of furniture with industrial wheels also promote safe and ergonomic practices, reducing the potential for accidents or workplace hazards.

In summary, industrial wheels for furniture offer numerous benefits in industrial and commercial settings. With their load capacity, durability, smooth movement, floor protection, compatibility, locking mechanisms, and contribution to efficiency and safety, industrial wheels are an essential component of furniture in warehouses, factories, and other industrial environments. They provide mobility and versatility, enabling easy reconfiguration and transportation of furniture, ultimately enhancing productivity and convenience in the workplace.

What are Chair Casters?

Chair casters, the small wheels attached to the legs of chairs, offer numerous benefits. Firstly, they provide mobility, allowing users to move around the workspace easily without having to stand up and reposition the chair. This increases productivity by reducing the time it takes to move from one location to another. Additionally, chair casters are beneficial for those with physical limitations, making it easier for them to move their chairs without having to exert too much effort. They also protect floors from scratches and scuffs that can occur from dragging chairs across the surface. Overall, chair casters offer a simple and practical solution for improved mobility and protection in the workspace.

Are All Chair Casters the Same Size?

No, much like the rest of us, furniture casters vary in many ways. The wheels themselves can range from 2 inches to more than 5 inches. Small caster wheels are often for indoor use, for example.

Furthermore, some furniture castors are attached by a stem, while others are installed with a plate connection — and base glide castors don’t even come with wheels! Stems are typically less than 2 inches in length and may be threaded or come with a friction ring.

How Do You Measure a Chair Caster?

Fortunately, measuring a furniture caster is as easy as determining the diameter of a circle! Place the ‘0’ of your ruler on one end, and notate the numbers that land on the other.

The process is the same for measuring the caster stem, but this time, the ruler will go from top to bottom. Finally, to determine the width of the stem, place your measuring device in the middle of the stem and orient it perpendicular to the length of the component.

Can You Replace the Wheels on an Office Chair?

Yes! However, it does depend on the type of chair you use; if it doesn’t already accommodate furniture castors, then you’ll need to do some handiwork with our small caster wheels.

Fortunately, if your school office chairs can already receive chair casters, then you’re certain to find the ideal wheels at Shiffler Equipment! Our diverse catalog of industrial wheels for furniture boasts some of the most trusted brands in the industry.

What are school casters?

School casters are wheels that attach to the bottom of desks, tables, and other furniture in educational settings. They are designed to make it easy to move the furniture around the room, allowing for flexible and dynamic classroom layouts.

What are the benefits of using school casters?

School casters provide many benefits such as easy movement of furniture in classrooms, allowing for flexible and dynamic layouts, easy cleaning and rearranging of classrooms, and also it's useful for classrooms with limited space to store furniture.

How do I know if my school furniture needs new casters?

You will know if your school furniture needs new casters if the existing casters are worn out, making it difficult to move the furniture around or if they appear damaged. Also, if the furniture is shaking or making noise while moving, it's a sign of worn-out casters. It's always advisable to check the casters periodically and replace them if they need replacement.

What are furniture casters?

Furniture casters are small wheels that are attached to the bottom of furniture, allowing it to be moved easily from one place to another. They are commonly used on chairs, tables, and other types of furniture.

What are the different types of furniture casters?

There are several types of furniture casters, including plate casters, stem casters, and grip neck casters. Plate casters have a flat plate that attaches to the furniture, while stem casters have a stem that inserts into a socket in the furniture. Grip neck casters have a neck that grips the furniture.

How do I choose the right furniture caster?

When choosing furniture casters, it is important to consider the weight of the furniture, the type of flooring it will be used on, and the intended use of the furniture. Heavy-duty casters are suitable for heavier furniture, while soft rubber casters are ideal for use on hardwood or tile floors.

Can I install furniture casters myself?

Yes, most furniture casters can be easily installed by the user. They typically come with mounting hardware and installation instructions, making it easy to install them on your furniture.

Can furniture casters damage floors?

Furniture casters can cause damage to certain types of floors, particularly those made of soft materials like vinyl or linoleum. To prevent damage, it is important to choose casters with soft rubber wheels and to avoid dragging furniture across the floor.