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Locker Parts

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Locker Parts and Accessories by Shiffler Equipment

Welcome to our comprehensive page dedicated to locker supplies! At Shiffler Equip, we take pride in offering an extensive range of locker supplies that cater to all your locker maintenance and enhancement needs. From locker parts to accessories, our locker supplies collection is designed to ensure the optimal functionality and organization of your lockers. Explore our diverse selection of locker supplies to discover high-quality hinges, locks, handles, and more. Our commitment to providing top-notch locker supplies sets us apart in the industry, and we're excited to be your one-stop destination for all things locker-related. Browse through our locker supplies offerings on our page: Locker Supplies at Shiffler Equip and elevate your locker management to a new level with our premium products.

From locker handles and springs, to locks and number plates, Shiffler offers a large variety of locker parts, locker hardware, and locker accessories for a locker.  Even brand specific locker accessories such as Lyon locker partsPenco locker replacement parts, and even ASI locker parts are available 24/7 via our Website. Whether you are looking to repair a locker or need to upgrade your school lockers, we have a one-stop-shop for all of those unique locker replacement parts and accessories for a locker. 

Top Brands in Locker Parts for a Locker

Shiffler Equipment offers the best brands in school lockers and locker parts. From Lyons locker parts, and Republic Steel to Hallowell, Penco to ASI, we offer a full line of complete lockers as well as being one of the only suppliers of individual replacement locker parts, especially locker locks.

The best place to start when looking for locker parts to replace, is to match the original brand of your locker. For example, if you have Penco Vanguard Lockers, you should be purchasing Penco locker replacement parts such as a Penco locker handle or even a Penco locker latch. We even offer color charts so you can match your existing locker color. 

Locker Accessories for a Locker from Shiffler

Locker accessories are a popular way to add personality and organization to school lockers. These accessories come in a wide range of styles and designs to fit any student's taste and needs.

Some common locker accessories include locker shelves, magnetic organizers, and locker mirrors. Locker shelves are a great way to increase storage space in a locker, while magnetic organizers provide a convenient way to keep small items like pens, pencils, and notes organized and easily accessible.

Locker mirrors are also a popular accessory, allowing students to check their appearance throughout the day. In addition, students can personalize their lockers with locker magnets, locker wallpaper, and other decorative items.

Using locker accessories can help students stay organized and focused, making it easier for them to find what they need and stay on top of their schoolwork. Additionally, personalized locker accessories can help students express their individuality and make their lockers feel like their own personal space.

Overall, locker accessories are a fun and practical way to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of school lockers, helping students stay organized and motivated throughout the school year.

Should I repair or replace my locker?

Even the smallest parts on a locker can be replaced, saving you from hiring costly repair teams or even replacing entire locker units. With our large variety of school locker hooks in different brands and styles, you can facilitate a locker repair and are sure to find the locker hook for your school or facility. Whether it’s a single or double prong locker hook, a spring for your locker latch, latch hook, a locker latch clip, or even locker handles, our selection of hooks and hardware for lockers is unbeatable.

What locker parts will fix school lockers?

Finding the correct school locker part is no easy feat! Nevertheless, you have a well-informed staff on your side at Shiffler to help identify the brand, model, and precise replacement locker part to help get your school lockers up and running again. We offer locker doors, locker hooks, locker numbers, locker handles, and even locker bars. Locker repair is a manageable project to keep in-house and our locker hardware will help facilitate.

Should I use a key or combination lock for lockers?

Choosing the type of lock for lockers depends on the location of your lockers and/or on the end user. For example, you may want to provide locker keys to a student with disabilities who cannot dial in a code. A locker lock with key would also be a good solution if you have gym lockers for rent in a public facility. 

Combination locks for lockers are useful if you are assigning a locker to a student for a full year. Shiffler offers top brands such as Zephyr and Master Lock who feature locker key overrides. 

Types of Replaceable Locker Parts and Hardware for a Locker

There are many different locker hardware and locker parts to choose from our Shiffler catalog. The following list is not all-inclusive but are our most popular options for locker repair, even Lyons locker parts:

Number plates – Whether you are adding new lockers or need to update existing lockers, Shiffler has all brands and styles of locker number plates available. You can purchase different number ranges or even blank number plates to help suit your needs.

- Locker locks and keys – As one of our most popular locker accessories, Shiffler offers locker locks and keys in all the top brands and major manufacturers, including Zephyr locks and Master Lock. School administrators and maintenance teams often ask how to open a combination lock. Thankfully, we have a variety of master keys and are sure to find the correct model. We even offer Digilock ADA locker locks and other ADA locker locks.

-  Locker Lock Bars and Handles – The remaining locker parts are ideal for replacing old or damaged handles or bar mechanisms. Recessed cups are included in this category so you truly can rebuild your school lockers using a variety of parts.

-  Locker Replacement Parts – Often times, a locker side panel will get dented or a closed front base piece will come off over time. Even the entire locker door is replaceable!

School Locker Accessories and Locker Hardware from Shiffler Equipment

We here at Shiffler do our best to make shopping for locker parts accessible and straightforward. We are constantly searching for the latest and greatest replacement parts to offer as well as even producing our own Shiffler locker parts. Our own locker hardware has many benefits, from expedite shipping to more control over items experiencing supply chain issues. We typically ship out within one business day!

No matter the locker brand or needed part, our team is available to help find your fit. Whether you are looking for Lyon locker parts, Republic Storage lockers, Art Metal Lockers, Lyons locker parts, or even something specific like Hallowell cell phone lockers or 12x12x12 lockers, Shiffler is here to help. Call our office or chat with us here on site for access to our ever-knowledgeable customer care staff! 




Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Locker Locks Work?

The typical lock seen on lockers is a cam lock. A metal plate called a cam that is attached to the locking mechanism's core is located inside the lock. The cam spins as the key is turned. Furthermore, the cam locks and unlocks the locker door by rotating between 90 and 180 degrees.

All our locker doors are made of high-quality materials that will keep your belongings safe - some have locks, and you can attach locks to the ones that don't.


What Are the Benefits of Locker Parts for a Locker?

Lockers allow students to put their possessions in lockers between classes without worrying about them being damaged or stolen. If one part of the locker isn't working properly, it may hinder the ability of the locker to protect the student's belongings. 

Being able to purchase locker parts will also enable students to add a unique touch to their locker, such as putting on a customized number plate.

Locker parts are also extremely versatile, and you can add additional features, such as locker coat hooks, that will prevent your coats from getting crumpled in your bag.


Why Should I Get a Locker from Shiffler Equipment?

Apart from the fact that we stock major manufacturers, we offer a wide range of locker parts that will take care of everything you need.

Our complete line of products are made of high-quality materials that will last you for many years to come.

From Lyons to Penco lockers, we have it all! We also offer parts from brands that are quite difficult to find, such as Interior Steel.

Therefore, we can take care of all your locker needs! You can get the following from us:

  • Penco locker parts

  • Lyons locker parts

  • Medart locker parts

  • Republic locker parts

  • Tennsco locker parts


What Are the Benefits of Buying Separate Parts for a Locker?

If you're working on a locker project, you're probably aware of how handy it is to have spare parts. In the event of any type of destruction or damage, it is quite useful to be able to replace a few school locker parts rather than the entire locker.

Whether you need a new latch hook, latch spring, or locker latch hardware, buying these parts separately is much more affordable than buying a completely new locker.

You will also be able to get the exact type of locker hardware you're looking for; for instance, you might want a keyless lock bar or a metal locker handle.

If the locker itself does not have these specific features, you can easily replace it with the parts you want.


Do Some Lockers Have Built-in Locks?

Yes, some locker locks are built in; however, you could still add separate locks or other locker hardware to it if you wanted to.

If you're looking for new lockers, having ones with built-in locker locks can be quite helpful.


What Products Can I Use to Clean Lockers?

You can clean steel lockers with warm soapy water or a mild ammonia-based surface cleanser and terry cloth hand towel. Locker doors can be cleaned using the same solution or a vinegar-based surface cleaner.

Furthermore, you could also try cleaning the unit with a cotton swab or q-tip and rubbing alcohol.