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Cafeteria Stool Tops

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Replacement Cafeteria Stool Tops for Schools at Shiffler Equipment

Instead of having to spend your budget on an entirely new cafeteria table or lunch tables, consider replacing your cafeteria stool tops. We offer several top brands including Sico and Virco cafeteria replacement seat tops as well as universal school cafeteria stool tops that will fit any existing cafeteria table. Palmer Hamilton and Krueger International cafeteria stool tops are also available and will conveniently coordinate with your existing lunch tables. 

Only the highest quality materials are used for the cafeteria stool tops Shiffler offers for your lunch tables. HDPE plastics are bend resistant and are designed to not crack or fade in color. Additionally, all hardware and mounts are high-grade and warranty guaranteed. All of the cafeteria stool tops require no drilling and are quick and easy to swap with existing tops on your lunch tables.

Depending on the look and fit you desire, there are several sizes and shapes of replacement stool tops available. While round and cone shape cafeteria seat tops may be most popular, we even offer rounded square stool tops. From standard black replacement cafeteria seat tops to even red stool tops and everything in between, Shiffler has the stool tops you need to fit and coordinate with your existing lunch tables.

Find Cafeteria Replacement Parts for Your School at Shiffler Equipment

Looking for cafeteria products or lunch tables? At Shiffler Equipment, we carry a wide assortment of cafeteria table replacement parts, including cafeteria table seats, casters, latches, spring systems, hardware, and more.

Even better, we offer our extensive expertise in the facilities maintenance industry to help you navigate the many options you have available to you. To find the perfect replacement stools for your cafeteria’s tables, reach out to our team today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need Stool Top Replacement Parts?

The cafeteria, more specifically lunch tables, is often a place for students to let go and relax. Therefore, it makes sense that the stools can deteriorate much more quickly than other furniture. You will find that most of the time, the stool top gets damaged while the base is still in good condition. This is where replacement seats come in handy. We offer stool tops for cafeteria tables, so you don't have to replace the entire set. This helps you to save a great deal of money.

What Materials Are Stool Tops Made of?

Cafeteria stool replacement seats are made of numerous materials. Whether you're looking for a metal, plastic, or wood stool top for your lunch tables, we have it all.

What Style of Replacement Stool Seats Are There to Choose from?

Think about the amount of time the student will spend sitting while selecting the appropriate seating design. Lunchtime isn't very long; therefore, a backless round stool top will be ideal.

What Are the Best Colors for Stool Seats?

Cafeteria stool replacement seats are available in a variety of colors, which is always a plus. 

Select a color that complements the room's theme or lunch tables. Otherwise, your stool will be a noticeable outlier.

Some of the most popular colors for these seats include:

  • Blue

  • Black

  • Orange

  • Red

  • Walnut

Browse through our site to look at the different options we have and choose the colors that best match the theme of your school's cafeteria. Our products are crafted of thick material; therefore, they are sturdy and offer comfort.

What Are the Recommended Materials for Replacement Seats?

Lunch tables seat tops material must be resilient enough to withstand the expected abuse the stool top will endure. Tougher materials, such as plastic, are appropriate if children are going to be sitting on the stools. 

When selecting a replacement seat material, your budget is obviously a major consideration. Plastic, for example, is a more affordable option if you need something durable that doesn't break the bank.

When choosing a replacement seat for a cafeteria stool, the location of the stool also matters a lot. If the stool is primarily used inside, you have a wider variety because there are fewer things to take into account.

Things can become challenging if the stool is used outside. Your options are constrained as a result of having to take the elements into account (e.g. rain, sun, snow). Choose something that is water-resistant at the absolute least. Another ideal choice is a material that won't lose its color over time.

Why Do I Need Easy-to-Clean Stool Tops?

The furniture in school cafeterias needs to be cleaned every day, often multiple times. Finding lunch tables and stools that are simple for your janitorial staff to clean is the most crucial step in selecting the appropriate cafeteria seating for your school. Hard surfaces, such as plastic and metal are simple to clean and disinfect. These materials can endure any messiness and roughhousing that children of any age can dish out.

Designing a successful school cafeteria is difficult, but Shiffler Equipment can help you find the ideal school cafeteria stools and tables. You can choose between many different colors and styles.

Are Separated or Attached Stools Better?

Most cafeteria tables have connected chairs; while this makes it simpler to store the tables after lunch, it also gives your cafeteria a more rigid structure.

Attached seating for lunch tables may not have a significant impact on students because of the flexibility of friend groups in elementary and certain middle schools, but it may save your seats from getting damaged or displaced. However, these more rigid seating arrangements could bother older students if they feel they don't have enough space.

Why Should You Choose Shiffler Equipment?

If you're looking for durable school products, such as lunch tables and accessories, that are high-quality but don't break the bank, then Shiffler Equipment is a great choice for you.

We offer a wide range of products; therefore, you are given plenty of choice. From school furniture to a simple stool top replacement part, we stock everything you could possibly need to keep your school functional.

If you're looking for a particular brand, make sure to browse our website, as we stock some of the most well-known and loved brands. When you shop with us, you can trust that you are getting good value for money!