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School Chairs

As a school administrator or facilities manager, it’s vital that you equip your students and staff with the best tools to maximize their productivity. When it comes to furnishing a classroom, there are many different factors to consider.

One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is what type of chairs to use. Not only will comfortable and functional chairs promote better learning, they’ll also help keep your staff and students healthy and happy.

Today, there are many types of school chairs available on the market. Fortunately, at Shiffler Equipment, we offer a diverse selection of chairs, stools, and seating for a wide variety of educational institutions.

Classroom School Chairs

When choosing chairs for your school, it’s important to consider the specific needs of your institution. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Purpose:
    • What will the chairs be used for?
    • Are they for students or staff?
    • Will they be used for tasks such as sitting at a desk or standing at a workbench?
  • Size:
    • How large is the space you’re furnishing?
    • How many people will need to be accommodated?
  • Age:
    • Not all chairs are suitable for all ages; be sure to choose models that are appropriate for the age group of your students and staff.
  • Usage
    • How often will the chairs be used?
    • How long will people sit in them?
  • Surroundings:
    • What’s the environment of the room you’re furnishing?
    • Some materials are better suited for certain types of floors or carpets.
    • Keep in mind that if a chair has arms, it may not slide as well on a certain floor type.

Traditional Classroom Chairs

The Pedagogy Spartan 16” Cantilever plastic school chair is perfect for use in both classrooms and school offices. This chair is made of durable plastic and metal, and it features a cantilever base that provides greater stability.

The Intellect Wave Large 18″ Chair is ideal for students in any learning environment. It features a comfortable 18” seat height, powder-coated frame, and a chrome book rack. Both options are also stacking chairs, which make them easy to store.

Classroom Stools

This Diversified Woodcrafts Wood Seat Chair redefines classroom furniture. It comes in a variety of colors and can be adjusted to different heights, making it perfect for both children and adult students.

Another great version of the stool is the Diversified Woodcrafts Tractor Chair. This chair is the perfect fit for any educational institution and is made with a comfortable vinyl seat and back. The tractor-style chair also comes with a chrome foot ring and base.

Modern Student Chairs

The NPS Chair on the Go lends a modern aesthetic to any educational environment. Better still, emphasis on improved mobility turns any space into an active and collaborative classroom, which makes them a great choice for high school chairs.

It’s constructed of durable plastic and metal and is easy to clean. The chair has a comfortable back and seat, and an attached tablet arm for supporting your student’s materials.

Support Your Class with School Chairs from Shiffler Equipment

With so many disparate options on the market, it’s advisable to get assistance from experts in the field. For more ideas on the best way to upgrade the classroom chairs at your school, reach out to Shiffler Equipment today.