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Furniture Sliders

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Furniture Sliders for School Furniture from Shiffler Equipment

The easiest way to move school furniture without scratching your floors or hurting your staff is by using furniture sliders or furniture glides. Whether you are moving a teacher's desk across the room or need a smooth gliding piano bench, Shiffler Equipment offers all types of furniture sliders, furniture feet and furniture glides. Our furniture sliders and furniture glides can be affixed using their adhesive sticker back while some are slip-on and fit over the furniture leg's tip.

Available in plastic, felt, and even nylon, furniture sliders are adaptable for any floor material. To protect your school's floors, it is not recommended to drag furniture across the tile floors. Especially in a gym with hardwood floors, moving furniture without a proper furniture slider or furniture glides can cause damage. Furniture can also be heavier than an individual person can move which makes furniture sliders the ideal solution.

Which Furniture Sliders Work on Carpet?

Furniture sliders work quite well on carpet if you choose the proper furniture slider material. When trying to move classroom furniture across carpet, a smooth plastic furniture slider is a perfect helper. Often times, teacher desks are not only heavy, but also have metal bases with several parts touching the floor. Thus, by using furniture glides, you can quickly and easily slide a teacher's desk.

Instead of trying to employee several adults to move the desk for cleaning or even just a room refresh, you can add plastic furniture sliders or furniture glides. The frictionless plastic of the furniture glides will slide easily across your carpet, making it an easy solution when you need to move large and heavy pieces in your classroom or school.

Do Furniture Sliders Work on Concrete and Vinyl?

Felt bottom furniture sliders are designed to smoothly slide on concrete or vinyl floors. Depending on your school or facility, you may have furniture on concrete floors. Perhaps your school cafeteria tables are set up in a gymnasium or multi-purpose room with a concrete floor. If they need to be moved multiple times a day so the space can be used, a simple felt based furniture slider or furniture glides would make for an easy move. The cafeteria stool leg caps can even help protect from the metal scraping and damaging the concrete floor below. The best furniture sliders for vinyl floors are certainly felt based sliders for furniture.

How to Put Sliders Under Heavy Furniture 

We recommend having two adults help affix furniture sliders on, depending on the size of the furniture in question. For example, a piano bench could be laid on it's side by a single adult but a piano itself would require one person to lift one side while the other person applies the furniture slider.

Table leg sliders can also be applied by lifting one table leg at a time. Depending on the slider, it may be an adhesive that will stick to the bottom of the furniture leg glides. They may also function as a rubber chair leg cover that slips on over the existing leg cap.

How Do I Find the Right Size and Shape for a Furniture Slider?

Thankfully, sizing a furniture slider is as simple as measuring the very end of the furniture leg. You then need to match the shape - if you have a square table leg, then you would look for square furniture sliders. For a rectangular leg, look for rectangular furniture sliders. If you have a unique size or shape furniture leg are not able to find an exact match, we offer wrap-around sliders and even felt strips or furniture slider pads that can be cut to the fit and size you need.

Furniture Moving Sliders from Shiffler Equipment

Customers often ask us, do furniture sliders really work? We swear by them even for use in our carpeted office! Sliders for furniture are a great leg up when moving your school furniture either on a daily basis or even just at the end of the year. Furniture sliders also double as floor protection that can stay permanently on your furniture legs. 

For any further questions or help finding the right furniture slider or furniture glides fit, reach out to us here at Shiffler via phone or chat.