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Traffic Control

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Traffic Control

Shiffler Equipment offers a nice selection of traffic control and parking lot safety products.  From safety speed bumps and parking lot paint / stencils to safety cones and signage... we have the products to ensure safe traffic practices at your facility. Check out our full line of locks, hallway gates, signage, security mirrors, and more.

Traffic control products are used to manage the flow of vehicles and pedestrians in and around roadways, construction sites, and other areas. These products include traffic cones, barricades, and signs that are used to create barriers, direct traffic, and provide warning and guidance to drivers and pedestrians. Other traffic control products include reflective vests, traffic signals, and speed bumps. These products are used to enhance safety and reduce the risk of accidents.

Traffic cones are often used to create temporary barriers and direct traffic around construction sites, accident scenes, and other areas. Barricades can be used to close off a road or an area to traffic, while signs can be used to provide information and warnings to drivers and pedestrians. Reflective vests are worn by construction workers and other personnel who are working in or near the roadway to improve visibility and safety. Traffic signals and speed bumps are used to control the speed of vehicles and direct traffic flow.

Overall, traffic control products play a vital role in ensuring the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and workers in and around the roadway. They help to reduce the risk of accidents and keep traffic flowing smoothly.

What are traffic cones used for?

Traffic cones are used to create temporary barriers and direct traffic around construction sites, accident scenes, and other areas. They are also used to mark off areas where there may be a potential hazard to drivers or pedestrians.

What are the different types of barricades available?

There are several types of barricades available, including Type I, Type II, Type III, and Type IV. Type I barricades are used for temporary traffic control and are typically made from lightweight materials. Type II barricades are used for long-term traffic control and are typically made from heavier materials. Type III barricades are used for pedestrian control and Type IV barricades are used for special situations, such as crowd control.

What are speed bumps used for?

Speed bumps are used to control the speed of vehicles on roads, especially in residential areas, school zones, and parking lots. They are raised surfaces on the road that create a physical obstacle for vehicles, forcing them to slow down.

How often should traffic control products be inspected and maintained?

Traffic control products should be inspected and maintained regularly to ensure they are in good working condition. This can include checking for any damage or wear, such as broken lights or missing reflective tape, and replacing any products that are no longer functional. It's recommended to check and maintain the products at least once a month and more frequently in high-traffic areas.