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Full Lockers

With Shiffler's 50+ years of experience outfitting facilities with the best quality lockers and storage solutions, we are ready to help you with your project! We carry the leading manufacturers and our top customer service and sales teams will make the process easy from start to finish. We even offer on-staff designers who can help visualize your desired room with drawings and layouts. From assembled lockers to full install projects, we can help! Ready to get started?

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Lockers and Locker Parts for Schools, Hospitals, and More

Welcome to Shiffler's comprehensive page dedicated to top-notch lockers for students! Our collection of full lockers is meticulously designed to cater to the unique storage needs of educational environments. These lockers for students offer a secure and organized solution for storing personal belongings, books, and other essentials. Crafted with durability in mind, our full lockers are built to withstand the demands of daily use while providing a sleek and functional storage solution. With various sizes and configurations available, you can find the perfect fit for your school's requirements. Elevate the storage experience for students with our high-quality full lockers. Explore the diverse range of lockers for students on our dedicated page: Full Lockers at Shiffler and enhance your educational space with secure and efficient storage solutions tailored to student needs.

Many organizations require secure, stable, and reliable lockers for providing their employees, guests, and clients with storage solutions. Moreover, as the years go by, many find it to be more economical and more efficient to replace individual parts, rather than the complete sets themselves.

In school settings, they provide a convenient place for students to stow personal items. In hospitals or other medical facilities, this equipment offers doctors a secure option for storing their belongings, such as a clean change of clothing. Furthermore, organizations such as gyms, community centers, and public pools often rely on storage to serve their patrons.

Whatever the case may be, choosing the right containers and parts can make all the difference. Fortunately, at Shiffler Equipment, we offer high-quality products that are ideal for use by schools, universities, hospitals, and even stadiums.


Get the Best Full Lockers for School Today!

Are you looking for school lockers for sale? Here at Shiffler, you will be able to find a wide range of lockers for kids and teenagers!

Whether you're looking for indoor or outdoor lockers for schools, it's important that you know how to identify what you need. Standard metal lockers, for example, are more common among most schools, although some institutions insist on using wooden lockers for a different look.

We made sure that our selection of high school lockers for sale was thorough enough for those institutions requiring the most durable items for everyday use. Buying used lockers often is a cheaper alternative, but you may not be able to ensure the durability you may be looking for.

Our team works with some of the most reputable brands on the market, so if you're looking for an industry leader, this is the place! In essence, our goal is to offer you the best items, including single, double, or even triple-tier lockers.

If you're interested in elementary school lockers or any other locker accessories, check out our selection.


Complete Locker Sets and Locker Hardware

We offer a wide variety of complete locker sets, perfect for any institution or business. Our sets include a number of different features and are available in a variety of colors to match your specific needs.

By sourcing and securing critical components, you can ensure that your team is ready whenever equipment needs to be given a little attention. Proactive maintenance is a simple way to prolong the life of your storage and reduce downtime that could impact your customer or guest experience.

The Most Trusted Brands in Locker Products

When sourcing reliable equipment for your workplace, facility, or organization, it’s vital that your time isn’t wasted. To facilitate an easy procurement process, we’ve consolidated the trusted names all in one place by carrying all the major manufacturers, such as:

  • ASI
  • Hallowell
  • Republic Storage
  • Diversified Woodcrafts/Spaces
  • and more!

That way, our expansive catalog simplifies your experience. Further, it empowers you to secure the best solution for the specific needs of your business.

Secure the Best Lockers and Parts at Shiffler Equipment

Shiffler Equipment has decades of experience providing reliable school locker locks, handles, and other parts to our customers across North America. One secret that we learned is that maintaining a safe and secure storage system holds the key to success.

A well-maintained repository works properly, lasts longer, and causes fewer headaches for everyone.  Fortunately, at Shiffler Equipment, we stock thousands of locker handles, parts, and components under one roof. 

In fact, we have been supplying, repairing, and installing this type of storage equipment for nearly 40 years, so no matter what your needs may be, Shiffler Equipment is here to help. For more information on installing, upgrading, or maintaining your lockers and locker parts, contact our team today.

Frequently Asked Questions About School Lockers

Whether you're looking for 2-tier lockers for sale or any other locker types, you may still have some questions regarding these items' functionality. 

The information below will outline everything you should know about single-tier lockers, plastic lockers, metal/wood lockers, and many other things so that you can make a better purchasing decision.


What Can You Use Lockers for in a School?

Most people are looking for school lockers for storage purposes. As the years have passed, lockers have become the norm, and that won't change any time soon. 

Overall, lockers are convenient and provide a space for people to safely store their items. You may be thinking: "Why would I need school lockers for a middle school?" Well, it would surprise you how much functionality lockers have.

Elementary school lockers, for example, don't necessarily have to be for students. Teachers and other personnel there can pair their lockers with combination locks and ensure they have a nice space to save their belongings. Many people use cell phone lockers to avoid using them while they're working, which promotes productivity.

Why Would You Get School Lockers?

There are many reasons why you should get a complete line of school lockers today! Some of these reasons include:

Storage: As mentioned before, you or your students will need a safe space to store their belongings. Most high-school students, for example, tend to carry smartphones, tablets, and laptops around, and carrying that around all day can be exhausting.

Using a locker can make things more comfortable, and it will keep theft and property damage to a minimum. School lockers will also give parents or legal guardians peace of mind surrounding their children's belongings.

Creativity: Some schools allow students to customize their metal lockers, whether it is with post-its, drawings, and or otherwise. As long as you promote appropriate customization of these lockers, creativity for a locker will surely be something your students will appreciate.

Safety: Carrying a lot of school equipment (devices, textbooks, etc.) can cause serious neck and back problems for kids and teenagers, which can lead to early posture problems. Thankfully, getting one of these lockers for sale will ensure students can keep their heavy stuff somewhere safe if they don't need it at the moment.

Responsibility: Having school lockers encourages students to look after their things and respect the valuables of someone else, which is perfect for a school environment.

Socializing: While this may not be comfortable for all students, some kids or teenagers enjoy having a space where they can talk to other people nearby. Other students who may be more introverted can also find a safe space in their locker area.

Are Metal Lockers Good Quality?

When looking at lockers for sale, you will quickly notice how metal lockers (or steel lockers) are among the top options for schools.

In a practical sense, metal school lockers have more durability than wood lockers. This is because metal lockers are resistant to more chemicals and bacteria. 

Contrary to popular belief, metal lockers can be quite affordable, and if you pair them up with combination locks, you will get a piece of school equipment that will be perfect to ensure safety for a person's belongings, whether it's in a middle school or a high school.

When Should You Get Plastic Lockers?

While metal lockers are more appropriate for most school settings, plastic ones can also prove to be beneficial. 

You should consider plastic lockers if the school is in an area with high humidity. Additionally, you should consider plastic over steel lockers if you want an item that won't rust in the long run.

The only issue with plastic school lockers is that they tend to be more expensive, so if you're planning to buy a complete line of lockers, you may be looking at a considerable investment for your high/elementary/middle school.

Plastic also offers a wider range of customization, so that could be a nice option to consider if steel lockers aren't what you're after.

Are Full School Lockers the Same as Hospital Lockers?

In a sense, school and hospital lockers are the same, but of course, people use them for different purposes. Standard metal lockers in a school will do a great job at providing students with a safe space to store their belongings, whereas hospital lockers will be a perfect place for workers to store things like clean clothing or other accessories.

Single, double, and triple-tier lockers are equally efficient for most settings, so you should choose an option depending on the area you'll be placing your items. In a school, for example, triple-tier school lockers are more convenient, as you will have several students, and it will be faster to move three lockers than just one unit at a time.

Should You Pair Up Your Lockers with Locker Room Benches?

Although locker room benches are more common in gyms, some schools may also decide to get them for a school to make the locker room a small break room for students.

Still, if the school has a gym room, then getting benches beside the school lockers will always be a great option to consider.

How Do You Know Which School Lockers Are Better for You?

It depends on your needs. In most cases, our standard metal lockers for sale will be enough, but if you need particular school lockers, then feel free to ask our team for help. Complete lockers are meant to ensure your safety and comfort (as well as your students'., Aside from offering steel lockers, we also offer locks, handles, and many other parts you may need for your institution. Remember that a good locker will last you for several years, so make the investment with a reputable company.