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25 Person extended support Shelter In Place Kit

25 Person extended support Shelter In Place Kit
Sku: LIF-31010
Price: $194.19
This kit is an essential companion Emergency kit to the 25-Person Office Emergency Kit and the 25-Person Emergency Response Kit. It is designed using U.S. Government recommendations to meet the needs of workplaces and facilities in the event that a severe Emergency situation lasts beyond a few hours.Each kit provides supplies for 24 hours of Emergency shelter?in?place Support for 25 people: Emergency instructions, water and food (both with 5-year shelf life and U.S. Coast Guard approval), Emergency thermal blankets for personal warmth/shelter and 12-hour light sticks for instant, long-lasting light without batteries. The kit is packed in a durable 5-gallon bucket for compact storage and use in carrying, purifying and storing additional water. The bright orange lid identifies the kit in an Emergency, seals airtight, and is tamper-evident for security while stored.U.S. Government agencies and leading disaster Response organizations recommend having adequate supplies to Support your staff and visitors for up to 3 days (72 hours). To conveniently meet this standard, purchase one 25-Person Office Emergency Kit or one 25-Person Emergency Response Kit and three 25-Person Extended Support Kit for each 25 people in your workplace or facility.
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