25 Person Shelter In Place Emergency Kit

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This compact, portable emergency kit is the base unit upon which to build a complete emergency preparedness solution for your small office or work groups. It is designed using U.S. Government recommendations to meet the immediate emergency needs of up to 10 people at work. The kit provides the essential supplies most needed for support in the first several hours after a severe emergency or disaster: emergency instructions, search and rescue supplies and tools, dust masks for easier breathing, first aid, water [5-year shelf life], and items that provide warmth, shelter, communication, light and sanitation. For a full 24 hours of support in an extended emergency, purchase one 25-Person Extended Support Shelter-In-Place Kit for each day of anticipated stay (preparation for 3 days is recommended). Or for a full 3 days of support in an extended emergency, purchase one Personal 3-Day Emergency Response Kit for each employee.