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Covid Testing Program 

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 Shiffler Equipment is now offering a state of the art School COVID Testing solution via a partnership with QRMDs. QRMDs provides a software platform and lab partnerships that enable and manage large scale COVID testing programs.

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   With students going back to school during a pandemic, many schools and districts are turning to COVID surveillance testing to help keep their students and staff safe, healthy and proactively protect against a mass outbreak of COVID at their facility. Many schools either already have a testing program in place or are looking to implement a program. 

Why Use The Shiffler COVID Testing Program?

$0 Cost to the school and students & staff

 All costs of the program are paid by the Students' health insurance companies at no charge to the student. The federal government has mandated that health insurance companies pay for COVID surveillance testing and the insurance companies will be reimbursed by the government. 

Our system has 3 different "medical necessity" touch points built into the protocol which ensures that insurance companies will never come back to the patient for any fees. Other COVID Testing programs are not able to guarantee this.

Fastest & most efficient program in the market

Due to the efficiencies and design of our system, we are able to fully test approximately 50 students per hour, per workstation. Competitors are closer to 15-20 students per hour, per work station.

Significantly more accurate results

Our labs use the most accurate form of diagnostics for COVID testing called "digital sequencing". This is the highest level of accuracy and protects against false positives and false negatives. Our competitors use a method of testing called "pooling", which leads to many false positives and false negatives. The FDA has published many articles on the inaccuracy of this form of testing.

With this level of accuracy the likelihood of a mass outbreak is minimized greatly compared to our competition.

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School Requirements

• Assign a "Testing Coordinator"

• Allocate space at the facility for testing to take place ( Gym, Outdoors, etc)

• Wifi-enabled technology hardware (Laptop, Tablet, Cell phone, etc)

• Parent outreach of introduction to the program

How It Works

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Interesting in Implementing

a COVID Testing Solution At Your School?

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