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4x6 Indiana State Flag Outdoor Nylon

Indiana State Flag - 6'W x 4'H, Outdoor Nylon

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Price: $65.31
Manufacturer SKU: 020490
Price: $65.31

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Unsurpassed in beauty and craftsmanship, these State flags are manufactured to precise specifications. Authentic seals and designs are always in correct proportion to the flag size. The Aniline-Dye process duplicates complex emblems with exacting accuracy in brilliant, fast colors. These flags are expertly crafted using 100% heavy-weight, 200-denier nylon bunting specially treated to resist sun and chemical deterioration. America's #1 choice, these flags are extremely durable and fast drying. All outdoor flags are finished with a strong, durable, snow-white header and brass grommets. Flags measure 4' x 6'. To verify latest product certifications and specifications, please see the manufacturer's website or contact us.
  • General description: 4' x 6' Nylon outdoor state flag
  • Brand: Eder
  • Weight and shipping: .7 lbs, ships via UPS, FOB Oak Creek, WI 531547
  • Outdoor flag
  • Material
  • Flag: Heavyweight 200-denier nylon finished with a
  • strong, durable snow-white header
  • Grommets: Brass
  • Type of stitching used: All seams are double-stitched and
  • fly ends have either 2, 4 or 6 rows of double-stitching
  • Size: 4' wide, 6' long
  • Indoor/Parade Flag - N/A
  • Indoor or outdoor use:
  • Shipping information:
  • Flag
  • Material:
  • Size:
  • With/without fringe:
  • Staff
  • Material:
  • Size:
  • Stand
  • Material:
  • Style:
  • Outside dia:
  • Ornamentation
  • Material:
  • Style:
  • Size:
  • Accessories - See 'Other Products' below
  • Stands
  • Material:
  • Style:
  • Outside dia:
  • Size of pole it takes:
  • Angled flag holders
  • Material:
  • Style:
  • Size
  • Thickness:
  • Height:
  • Width:
  • Pole size it takes:
  • Angle off wall:
  • Mounting holes
  • Qty:
  • Dia:
  • Hole to hole OC:
  • How long should a flag last? There is no definite answer to this
  • question. How long any flag will last depends on the weather,
  • its location, airborne contamination and how often you fly
  • your flag. Remember, your flag is a piece of cloth that works
  • very, very hard. Throughout its lifetime your flag shakes,
  • trembles, drapes, snaps, chafes, bakes, freezes, ripples,
  • flutters, furls, twists, flaps, strains, flies, unfurls and hangs!
  • Is it any wonder that a flag that flies continuously needs
  • replacing two or three times a year? Wind, water, sun and
  • carelessness are the major enemies of a flag. No one can
  • control the weather but you can take some important steps
  • to lengthen the life of your flag. Occasionally washing your
  • flag in warm detergent water will prevent pollutants and dirt
  • from weakening the fabric. Always let your flag dry
  • thoroughly before storing it to prevent mildew or color transfer.
  • At the first sign of fraying, have your flag repaired before
  • further damage is done. Always keep your flagpole as clean
  • as possible and move your pole if your flag does not have
  • adequate room to fly unobstructed.
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