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Co-Ops and Contracts

Buyboard 577-18
- Building Maintenance, Repair, Operation Supplies and Equipment
Spring ISD 19-005 - Art Supplies, Furniture & Equipment
Frisco ISD 625-2018 - Facilities Supplies and Services
Texas ESC 3 R03-222-18 - Building, Janitorial, Grounds Supplies and Services
Texas Goodbuy Purchasing Coop ESC-2 19-20 4M000 - Office Furniture
Harris County DE 19/015MR - Maintenance and Operations Equipment
Hillsborough PS - 17124 - Custodial Supplies
TIPS 180305 - Furniture, Furnishings and Services
TIPS 180406 - MRO Supplies and Equipment
TIPS 18050401 - Shelters for Storm, Active Shooter and other Emergencies
Pflugerville ISD 18-016NA - Maintenance and Operations Parts, Services and Supplies
Costars - 008-361 - Maintenance, Repair, Operation Equipment and Supplies
Oneida County 1903 - Miscellaneous Furniture and Assembly
NJPA / Sourcewell 031715-PHL - Design, Furniture and Installation for Dining, Libraries and Fab Labs
Southampton UFSD SPS18-001 - School Supplies

For a full listing or more details please contact Customer Care at 800-547-1539

Updated 3/5/2019