3 Common Locker Challenges & How To Solve Them

Issues with lockers affect more than just teachers and students—when enough problems stack up, custodial staff and even the administration can suffer. Here are three common locker challenges and how to solve them.

Forgotten Combinations

Children often forget their locker combinations, and it takes up a lot of time for custodial staff. Kids may also get tripped up when remembering which direction the lock should turn for certain numbers. To help, make sure you have all your students write down their combinations on the day they get their lockers, preferably in more than one place.

If you provide them with a daily planner, this is a fantastic option. You can also keep a record of each locker and combination if the students get new locks each year.

Trouble Finding Lockers

The first few weeks of a school year see students confused as to their new locker number. With all the new classrooms and assignments to think about, it’s easy for some things to get lost in the shuffle.

Try starting the school year by encouraging the students to walk through their schedules, stopping back at their lockers between classes. This will help them remember where their locker is in relation to each class (and reduces the excuses for tardiness, too)!

Lack of Organization

How much time do students waste between classes scouring the depths of their lockers for the right textbook? We’re willing to bet it’s a lot. Do your best to encourage good locker organization by sending out the dimensions of the lockers before the school year starts. That way, students can purchase locker shelves and organizational tools that will fit perfectly.

You can also offer a weekly locker cleanup opportunity on Fridays after school to reduce the number of papers that will inevitably pile up.

Now that you understand these three common locker challenges and how to avoid them, don’t hesitate to reach out if you need school locker parts—we can help with any repairs!