4 Key Things To Consider When Setting Up Your Classroom

4 Key Things To Consider When Setting Up Your Classroom

Filling a blank canvas always feels daunting, and that’s no different when the canvas is a classroom. There’s a lot to think about when arranging a learning space, but we’ve made it a little simpler with four key things to consider when setting up your classroom.

Place Your Desk Strategically

Before deciding where your desk will go, determine the desk’s purpose. Is it your command station for the entire day or where you sit when students aren’t in the classroom? Depending on your decision, the desk may require a central role in the classroom, or it can stay off to the side.

Keep Clutter to a Minimum

Clutter is distracting, especially for kids. You don’t have to create a minimalist classroom, but it’s a good idea to avoid clutter whenever possible. In addition to distracting your students, a cluttered workspace may also affect your stress levels throughout the day, so keep your classroom as neat and organized as possible.

Prioritize the Front of the Classroom

Your students spend most of the day looking forward, so whatever you place at the front of the classroom had better be good! Many teachers allow the front of the classroom to take an evolving role, like having a whiteboard that displays the current day’s agenda. This helps students understand the plan for the day while telling them how much they have already completed.

Make Seating Adaptable

It takes various instruction types to keep students engaged for a full day of learning, and with those variations comes a need for different seating arrangements. While you may set up your classroom one way, make sure it’s easy to switch up seating on the fly to accommodate group activities and successful collaboration.

With all the moving your chairs will do, keep some chair feet replacement parts on hand, so you never have to replace your chairs fully.

Now that you understand these four key things to consider when setting up your classroom, allow your students to experience education to its fullest extent.