4 Tips for Moving Furniture Without Damaging the Floors

People move furniture all the time at schools or businesses. Desks, chairs, tables, and other larger pieces of furniture often cause streaks or marring on floors or walls. This occurs when people move furniture without proper guidance. Fortunately, you can check out these four tips for moving furniture without damaging the floors to avoid further damage.

Use a Team of People

Whether you’re moving large-scale furniture or small-scale furniture, using a team of people will streamline the move and reduce potential floor damage. After all, you’re only one human. No one person could move furniture by themselves even with the right equipment. Having many people there helps protect the furniture, flooring, and surroundings. More so, professional movers have the right skills and tools to move large equipment in a fast, convenient way without damaging anything.

Take Furniture Apart

Sometimes, it helps to break down furniture before moving it. This makes the moving process more efficient and saves time. While you might think it takes too long to break down furniture, move it, then rebuild it, it’s easier and more time-efficient than pivoting large furniture through doorways or tight spaces. Plus, working as a team will make breaking down and rebuilding pieces faster. Taking furniture apart also reduces the chance of injury, as taking smaller pieces of furniture up the stairs or around tight corners is simpler than shifting larger pieces through these spaces.

Use Furniture Glides

Using furniture glides is another great tip for moving furniture without damaging the floors. Furniture glides are great ways to move around large pieces without leaving marks on the floors. It’s important to note that different glide materials are best suited for different types of flooring. Nylon, steel, felt, plastic, and rubber bases all have their respective advantages and disadvantages. For instance, nylon glider bases are universal and highly durable but often collect dirt and sand, which can affect mobility later. Similarly, felt bases are quiet but fall off easily. Still, any furniture glide is better than none at all.

Be Careful

Finally, be careful when moving any type of furniture. Whether they’re chairs, desks, or high-tables, use proper lifting techniques—squat down with your knees and hips, then use your legs to lift. Additionally, never lift anything heavy above shoulder level. Using improper lifting techniques increases the risk of injury and serious bodily harm. Be cautious and lift smartly using proper techniques to avoid damaging yourself, the furniture, and your surroundings.

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