4 Ways To Add Functionality to Your Outdoor School Space

Although most people image classrooms as indoor spaces, teachers can effectively teach outside as well. Outdoor learning environments encourage social bonding and hands-on learning for everyone involved. Check out these four ways to add functionality to your outdoor school space to learn more.

Recreational Space

Outdoor recreational space is one of the best ways to encourage student participation and release their excess energy. From outdoor playground equipment to safer outdoor spaces for children, recreational space ensures students release any excess energy while building social skills and student engagement. Outdoor recreational spaces may also function as outdoor learning areas that support the full range of play and activities.

Eating Space

Of course, having lunch or snacks outside is another great way to add functionality to your outdoor school space. Cafeterias are not limited to indoor dining facilities. Schools must always have an indoor cafeteria, but feel free to add picnic tables or cafeteria tables outside too. Outside eating areas function as social areas. Tables, chairs, and trash receptacles add to the atmosphere and allow students to eat their lunches while enjoying natural environments. It may also help to allow for recess or some outdoor play to let students release extra energy too.

Outdoor Reading Nooks

Outdoor space isn’t limited to physical activity. Even relaxing activities, like reading, are great to do outdoors. Consider adding outdoor reading nooks to give students a calming, outdoor environment where they can study, finish their schoolwork, or read their favorite books. Chairs and blankets create a passive environment for children to transition from the classroom to outside.

Nature Spaces

Finally, since students are outside, why not make use of the natural scenery? There are many activities you can do with younger children that incorporate learning and fun through discovering nature. Have students incorporate science and document local flora and fauna, fossils, and weather. A school garden is another great way to keep students engaged in learning and growing their own produce.

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